Eleven Weeks

eleven weeks

This was another big week for our little man.
He has officially been in daycare for a week and is doing well!
We are getting into a routine and I think I can safely say that he is sleeping through the night!
The first time he slept through the night was New Year’s Eve, but it’s been hit or miss since.
By the third day of daycare, he was sleeping 8:00pm – 7:00am.
We are still working on a schedule that works for both of us.
Depending on how late he goes to bed, I have been getting up in the middle of the night to pump.
I know we’ll get there eventually, but I am thrilled that all of his feedings are during the daytime now!

Crosby is definitely learning more about his hands… they are now gravitating to his mouth quite often.
If his paci isn’t in there, his hands are!

The transition back to work was much easier this time around.
As I was reading Kenley’s eleven week post, I remembered that it took me a while to get into the swing of things.
This time, I am at a different job and not commuting an hour each way.
I work closer to home and to the kids’ school and I’m working normal hours, all of which are so much better for us.
Crosby has the same teachers as Kenley did, so I am beyond thrilled about that.
Overall, this week went better than I had thought. It was exhausting, but still good!

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