27 Months

We had a great time with Kenley during the holidays, it was such a fun age.
On Christmas morning, we went in to her room to change her diaper and say Merry Christmas. We told her that we needed to see what Santa brought! She hesitantly walked out and looked around at her presents, then asks “where’s Santa?”. I guess we should have mentioned that Santa doesn’t stay after he drops off the gifts.
She will still talk about the “big tree” and talk about how we took it down and how Grandpa broke an ornament (silly Grandpa). She will then say, “where’s elf?” and answer her own question that “he with Santa.” The several days following Christmas, we walked around the neighborhood and she screamed out “baby Jesus!!” when we saw a manger. She loved saying Merry Christmas and happy birthday Jesus. I’m already looking forward to next Christmas as I imagine each year will get better and better.


She also decided on after opening some of her presents that she wanted to wear her “big girl undies” that she had got and how do you say no to that request?
So, as soon as opening presents ended, potty training began. Talk about a big day!
I may write more about this later, but it’s going extremely well and I am beyond excited to say that we have been diaper free day and night since Christmas!

This month was full of ups and downs. I would by lying if I told you that it wasn’t a challenge.
Our family thrives on being on a schedule, so being home for 12 days for Christmas break was bittersweet. We were so excited and thankful to spend time with family, but adding in potty training meant being cooped up in the house for days at a time. We were finally able to venture out several times over the course of the break, but we didn’t do a lot outside of the house for an extended period of time.
Needless to say, she was ready to get back to school to see her teachers and friends once break was over. But, starting our new routine with Kenley going to school in her big girl undies, Mommy going back to work, and Crosby starting school was a lot for her to take in at once. A lot had happened in two weeks, which resulted in a few meltdowns. Not to mention, she’s two and starting to test her limits. We find ourselves reminding her to put on her listening ears and giving more time-outs than we would like to.


Despite the hard times, we sure do have a lot of fun.
Kenley literally repeats anything and everything, which is both adorable and scary at the same time.
Her latest thing at school is telling her friends “you’re my love”
because her teachers use the term “my love” frequently.
At home, we usually here “I wanna do it!” about everything… brushing teeth, brushing hair, getting dressed, putting on shoes, even clipping her fingernails. She is definitely starting to become more independent.
In the last couple of days, she started saying “I told ya…” whether it be, “I told ya it was cold” or “I told ya I be right back.” I think we probably say than more than we think.

She is pronouncing words well and so clear, so a couple of our favorite words right now are “guh-ssert” (dessert) and Plub-lix (Publix). She will even say duh-duh-duh-guh-ssert! I have no clue how the “guh” sound sneaks it’s way in there. Plub-lix is just funny because she asks to go there to she can “drive” the shopping cart and get a cookie. She’s no dummy!

Thanks for keeping us on our toes Kenley Dee!

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