my [long] weekend in photos

greg and i had our own arts & crafts time after the kids went to bed on friday night.

crosby loves sam’s club!
but really, who doesn’t?


two of greg’s buddies from high school were in town on saturday.
one brought his family to stay the night and the other surprised us!
kenley loved having sophia and amara over.


oh how times have changed! four kids between the two of them.


playing at the park! // feather puffer vest // boots


the fun didn’t stop there, another one of greg’s buddies from college was down at disney,
so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them.

it was a quick visit, but it was great catching up.
the girls had a dance party and we took awkward family photos where crosby spit up everywhere.
good timing c-man!


thanks to mlk, jr. day, we enjoyed the day to ourselves!
we spent some quality time together on our 4.3 mile run/walk.
needless to say, i’m already hurting!


michelle and i pampered ourselves with a pedi and it was exactly what my legs and feet needed after that run.
my toes are already in the valentine’s day spirit!
and it wasn’t too long ago i couldn’t even see my toes.


overly excited about our new ipad case a friend recommended.
operation “try to salvage our cracked ipad” is in full affect.
if only we would have had the case before it got cracked… hmm…


we had a great long weekend seeing old friends
and enjoying some time together, which we don’t get too often.
how was your weekend?

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