Fourteen Weeks

fourteen weeks

Little man is fourteen weeks old!

Crosby has gotten on a better feeding schedule this week,
which was going to happen whether he liked it or not!
He had a couple forced feedings, but overall he rolled with the punches.
He sure doesn’t look like he’s missing any meals.

When looking back at Kenley’s updates, this was the week we had quit the swaddle.
I don’t think that’s going to be happening any time soon with Crosby.
We actually got a new brand since he’s outgrown the Miracle Blanket
and has been getting out of his SleepSack. We’re now trying the SwaddleMe.
Though he has been sleeping like a rock star, we do have to get up at times
to put his paci back in his mouth or console him back to sleep.
Considering how well he’s been sleeping up until this point, we’re perfectly fine with that!

It’s crazy how much he’s changing week to week.

3 thoughts on “Fourteen Weeks

  1. He is precious! Makes me want to hold him and snuggle with him! Has he grown into the outfit that I sent with your Mom and Dad yet? Can’t wait to see him in it!

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