Friday I’m in Love

Thank you so much for the sweet comments yesterday!
Don’t forget to hop over to Misha’s blog to see what she’s loving this week and leave a comment telling us what you’re loving.

o n e

I was anticipating this commercial all night on Sunday due to the fact it was filmed in Winter Park.
Through my teary eyes, I was frantically searching for my friend Sally & her kids who were at the parade.
I watched the extended version on Monday and again, couldn’t fight back the tears.
This was by far my Superbowl favorite commercial. Bravo Budweiser!

t w o

The Superbowl may have been less than impressive,
but the Hoosiers got a huge win on Sunday by knocking off #10 Michigan at home,
just a couple weeks after beating #3 Wisconsin.
We’ll just ignore the fact that they failed to show up against Northwestern…at home.

t h r e e

#sharktanktuesdays on CNBC!
We love Shark Tank but just recently started watching it,
so we look forward to catching up on past seasons on Tuesdays.
Plus it means we aren’t channel surfing…all…night…long.

f o u r

These. cheeks.


f i v e

National Wear Red Day!
I hope you’re wearing your red today.

Happy Friday!

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