Sixteen Weeks

sixteen weeks

// 2-in-1 stripe shirt // stripe jersey knit pants // 

This little man is getting bigger every day.
He is having more and more awake time, which is fun for us,
but is still going down for naps well and sleeping great, also fun for us!
He’s becoming more animated with smiles and little coos.  Kenley loves it when “Crosby’s talkin”

We don’t really have him on a nap schedule yet, even though we are seeing a little bit of a pattern from day to day.
Right now, we’re just enjoying the fact that he’ll nap on the go, whenever and where ever.
I’ll be anxious to see (in the coming months) how we handle two different nap schedules
when it comes to planning our days and getting out of the house. I have a feeling it’ll be a work in progress for a while.

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