my weekend in photos

after greg got off the phone with me, apparently someone was calling her.
we sometimes say “yo lo” for hello and she’s picked up on this.

saturday, we celebrated baby hudson with a little sprinkle.
{ many more photos to come }


kenley was most excited about the leftover cupcakes.
her newest phrase is “mommy, look!” which she said every time she ate the icing with her finger.


we snuck out of the house after the kids were in bed on saturday to celebrate ryan’s birthday!
we enjoyed a couple beers, the olympics, and some smoked oysters.
it was good to get out for a couple hours and socialize with other adults.


greg was upset with the sandwich distribution, yet again.


// stripe lace sleeve top // tiny toms //

a prime example of monkey see, monkey do.
kenley had so much fun running around (literally) with charlie & margot after dinner.


we had a good weekend, but i didn’t get nearly enough done, as i would have liked.
however, we got to see a lot of friends, so that makes up for it.

how was your weekend?

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