Friday I’m in Love

Welcome back! Don’t forget to head over to Misha’s blog to see what she’s loving this week.
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o n e

The Bump and CT Working Moms teamed up for Moms for Moms Day on Tuesday, March 4th.
This project promotes judgement-free motherhood.
Love it!


t w o

I have given up soda (pop) for Lent! I intend to give it up for a longer period of time, but I figured Lent would be a good start. I love me some diet soda, but I am excited to be done with it. I’m open to hear your suggestions on yummy, healthy alternatives to soda!

t h r e e

It’s March (let’s not talk about the fact that this year is already flying by…mmmkthanks),
so that means it’s time for spring cleaning!
I hear everyone being all excited about spring cleaning, but I’m just not there yet.
Here are some links to help you get in the mood (I’m hoping they will help me):

Monthly Clean Home Challenge
40 Bags in 40 Days

f o u r

March also means spring training has begun for baseball!
This is definitely something Greg is loving.
Our conversations now include talk of fantasy baseball, players, and draft strategy,
and surprisingly, I’m ok with that. We are also looking forward to seeing at least one spring training game this season!


Happy weekend y’all!

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