Nineteen Weeks

nineteen weeks

// stripe t // jersey knit pants // owl shoes – gymboree (similar) //

Crosby had a big week and this mama was not prepared for it.
We had been working on getting rid of the swaddle, and I can safely say that we are swaddle free!
For this past week, we had transitioned from two arms in, to just one arm, to both arms out.
We still use the SwaddleMe blankets with his arms out mostly just for a blanket.
He sleeps on his back, as well as his left side (it’s adorable).


I cannot believe I’m saying this, but this week we also started rice cereal.
We had waited as long as possible with Kenley and didn’t start until six months,
which is what I was fully intending on doing with Crosby.
However, both our pediatrician and Crosby’s teacher made mention of it, so we thought we’d give it a try.
I was in serious denial about it for a couple of days, but there is no going back now.
He likes it and eats it pretty well off the spoon, but he’s still waking up several times between 4am and 6am,
so we’re hoping that gets better as we introduce more foods.
He’ll usually go right back to sleep when we put the paci back in.
He hasn’t had a ‘middle of the night’ feeding since about three months old,
so we figured we’d try solids before we went back down that road again.
Overall though, we can’t really complain about his sleep habits. He’s a good little nugget.



Little man is also smiling so much now!
He’s really starting to show some personality, which is so awesome.
He’s getting so big!

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