Twenty-One Weeks

twenty-one weeks

This was another big week for little man.
He tried his first vegetable – organic green beans!
At first, he was not a fan and it didn’t last long, but he’s had it a few times and each time is better than the last.
I’ve mixed it with a little bit of oatmeal or brown rice cereal and some breast milk and he doesn’t seem to mind it as much. Doesn’t that sound yummy? Ha.
We are moving slowly with the solids, but I’m not worried about it since we started so early.
He has one “solids” meal a day, during the week it’s at lunch time at school and on the weekends it is whenever we have time, either lunch or dinner.
I anticipate we will try sweet potatoes next, hopefully sometime this week.



He is so happy after his naps. Look at that sweet face!