my {spring break} week in photos

since the kids were out of school all week, i figured i’d share photos from the whole week.


i schedule a few play dates during the week.
crosby and brady got to lay around together while kenley and carly played.


we also got to play with wyatt, charlie, and margot!
it’s always much easier to get a picture of the kids who sit still.


he’s a rolling machine.

having a bottle with daddy! such a big boy.


give me all the toys!


// pajamas // 

excited to spend the day with meemaw and grandpa!

so excited to meet hudson this weekend! i loved snuggling with him.
somehow i’ve already forgotten how teeny tiny newborns are.


out to dinner!


loved spending some time with meemaw and grandpa this week.


we were sad to see them go today.
especially since they were continuing on to bigger and better things.


// foot zip pajamas //

good morning!


// nautical romper // flip flops // 

there were lots of walks taken this week.
kenley loved pushing her baby around the block many times.
today she told us “she’s not happy now” and wanted to carry her baby.


a super special treat during our walk today.


kisses for daddy.

she’s been practicing crossing these for a while and now she can do it all by herself!


finally sporting my 13.1 sticker. well over a year later.


we had a great week and weekend spending time with friends and family.
it’s back to the real world tomorrow!

how was your weekend?

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