my weekend in photos

it’s dangerous that 4 Rivers Smokehouse is so close to our work now.
what a great way to kick off the weekend.


// v-neck pocket tee // toddler skirt // flip flops //

this sweet little thing turned two and a half this weekend.
it doesn’t quite seem possible.


daddy worked saturday (& sunday), so kenley and i snuggled up to watch frozen.
i bet you never would have guessed, right?


snoozing in the car. he loves his giraffe.


happy easter!

Easter Sunday swinging. #kylerspark #kenleydee #crosbymartin

having fun at “kyler’s park”!


first time swinging was a success!


we had a good weekend.
today was a tale of two halves. the first half of the day was spent together as a family worshiping and eating.
the second half was filled with lots of toddler meltdowns and mommy trying to hold down the fort.
we had frozen pizza two nights in a row while daddy worked… no judging.

the good news is that “He is risen!” and we are so thankful for that!
hope you had a wonderful easter weekend.

2 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. Kendra I asked Kyle if he had seen a picture of your kids lately and he said no so I showed him a pic first of Kenley. His reply was, ” oh my gosh, she’s beautiful!” Then Crosby and he said, he’s a cutie too, but she is beautiful!” Of course you have to remember that he is kind of partial to girls since he has a daughter and no

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