We’re past Memorial Day weekend, school is out next week, and summer is upon us. While that doesn’t really change the day to day activities in our household, there is just something more fun about the summertime.

I am constantly getting grief for not “resting enough” on the weekends and being “on the go” too much (ahem, Michael), so my goal for this summer is to be noncommittal. We’ve had a busy spring, so I’m looking forward to not feeling like I HAVE to be a certain place at a certain time. With that being said, I’ll be cutting back on blog posts just a bit this summer. While we’re off being noncommittal in our personal lives, my work life is going to be super busy. Between taking a class and teaching a class, any spare moment I get will intentionally be spent enjoying summer with friends and family. I’ll be back to blogging in full force in the fall and already have a lot of fun post ideas in my head.

Here are a few things that I am going to make a point to do this summer:

Play in the water. Swimming, splash pad, baby pool, all of the above.
Go to the beach. Even if we go just once, I’ll be happy.
Go to a Rays baseball game.
Go out for ice cream. Not just frozen yogurt, but ice cream.
Watch fireworks.
Drinks beer on the patio and listen to country music after bedtime.
Train for and run my first 10K in August. Crazy? Maybe, but I’m looking forward to it.


And because I can’t think of summer without thinking of that adorable little snowman:


What are you looking forward to this summer?

Seven Months

Crosby is seven months old!



This boy loves his food. We’re introducing a new food every 3-4 days and he’s started eating puffs. Kenley is also back to eating puffs and she’s obsessed with them. She asks to share with Crosby, which really means she’s going to take them off his tray. He still needs to work on actually getting the puffs in his mouth.
His new foods include [organic]:
yellow squash
[jarred] carrots
He will really only eat the peas if they are mixed with apples. We also mix the zucchini and yellow squash together so it makes a larger batch.

Unfortunately, Crosby has been spitting up a lot since his six month mark, which is a bummer for all! We’re hoping to see if we can figure out why this week. If not, we’ll just have to deal with it and hope it will subside soon.



I really should just stop talking about his sleep habits because they change every single month day. This has been a rough month, but we have had a little bit of an upswing here lately. We’ll see if it continues. We decided to cut down on the pacifier a little bit during the night and Crosby has decided to cut down on his naps during the day. He will nap for about 30-45 minutes during the day (sometimes an hour, which is awesome!), so by the time 7pm rolls around, he is wiped out. He usually will sleep in the car on the way to school and on the way home, then he’ll have two short naps during the day. The ten minute nap is still THE WORST. It’s like a fake nap where he thinks he now has all the energy when he really should be sleeping like another hour. The good news is that he does sleep well at night for the most part which is a good thing because he needs to make up his sleep sometime!



Little man is officially on the move. He’s got the army crawl down and can get where he wants to go. He goes up on his hands and knees a lot, but just doesn’t realize that it may be more efficient for him to get around that way. He also is dying to pull himself up on things, so I’m sure it won’t be too long before he figures that out. If you prop him up against something, he will stand there hanging on for as long as he can. He is also becoming quite the expert in downward dog. He can get from a sitting position to down to the floor, but he hasn’t gotten back up to sitting yet.


He loves to play with anything he’s not supposed to. He is obsessed with our iPhones. Why? I have no idea. Now that he’s on the move, he will go for whatever Kenley is playig with, and I’m sure you can imagine how she feels about that. We have already had the talk about putting things away that she doesn’t want him to get… but she doesn’t really get that yet either. I have completely forgotten how it is to have a baby on the move. We have really been utilizing the play table that sits on the floor (also seen in Kenley’s seven month update) and chew toys.


Seven month notes:

Weight – About 17.5 pounds by the bathroom scale
Hair – Getting thicker!
Teeth – Zero and no signs of any coming in either
Eyes – Brown eyed baby boy
Clothes – A mix of 3-6, 6-9, and 6-12 months depending on the brand and size 2 shoes, almost into size 3.
Diapers – Cloth diapers day and night.
He started leaking out of the disposables at night, so we went back to cloth.
Likes – Being tickled, bath time or just being naked, the Ergo, chewing on anything, moving around, being held
Dislikes – Taking naps, being overtired (which does not go well with not taking naps), being hungry


Happy seven months little man!

my [long] weekend in photos


i love putting away all the bottles and most of the pumping gear for the weekend.
it’s even better when it’s a long weekend!


we headed down to the jenks’ pool party on saturday.


kenley loved swimming with kyler. 


and taking popsicle breaks.


and dunking with daddy.


crosby passed out after only a little bit of swimming.


we headed to the splash pad after nap time on sunday for a play date with one of crosby’s friends.


// turtle tank //

kenley was more interested in playing at the park. 


as you can tell, crosby rarely napped in his crib this weekend.


the girls were wiped out from a great long weekend.


[most of] our weekend was great. we definitely enjoyed the extra day to get ready for the week ahead.
happy memorial day and thank you to all who have served our country.

how was your long weekend?

Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday of a long weekend!
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o n e

I can’t get over these pajamas. My mom and I popped into the Gymboree sale this past weekend and I had to have these pjs for Crosby. I honestly would have bought them for Kenley if they would’ve had her size. The only size they had were 2T, so it’ll be a little while before Crosby can wear them; and let’s be serious, I would wear these pjs if they came in my size. We love tacos in the Gilbertson household.

t w o

I’ve been loving this song this week. The video is slightly cheesy, but the song is fun.
Do people still watch music videos?
Fun fact: I met Dierks Bentley when he played at the Bluebird in Bloomington my sophomore year.

t h r e e

I got a promo code in the mail this week for a free set of circle labels from Tiny Prints. I’m not sure why I got it, but if it’s free, it’s for me! These are the ones I chose, which I’m sure it’s NOT surprising since you all know how much I love stripes and bright colored things. I’ve never used Tiny Prints before, so I’m anxious to see how they turn out.

f o u r


It was a good week for snail mail. I got this fun surprise in the mail last night.
VIP baby!


Happy long weekend and a very happy Memorial Day!

Crosby’s Baptism

On Sunday, May 18th, 2014
Crosby Martin was baptized at Summit Church.



Crosby’s shirt and shorts are from Old Navy and shoes are from Nordstrom Rack.
Kenley’s dress is from Etsy and my dress is from the Loft.




We were so happy that Meemaw came down to celebrate with us.



Following church we went out to brunch.
The rest of the day was pretty low key. We played outside, went to the park,
and Greg grilled us up a great dinner.
Overall, it was a beautiful day!


We are so thankful for this little guy.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

my weekend in photos


starbucks is now open on campus. exciting, yet dangerous at the same time.


greg and dana have been friends for over 20 years.
it was so fun to catch up and have the kids play together while they were in town .


kenley and lucas had a blast together. lucas gave her a good lesson on different kids of trucks,
which will probably come in handy in a year or so with her brother.


we headed down to the mall on saturday afternoon when i got a fun surprise call from katie,
who was on her way to the orlando airport. she took a little detour and met us for a quick visit.
it was so great catching up and seeing her pretty face.


crosby having a good time playing with meemaw, who was also in town this weekend.


this little nugget was baptized on sunday. more photos to come!


going for a swim in his new rashguard romper i scored for $8 at nordstrom rack. awesome.


happy boy after his bath.


we had a great weekend with friends and family from out of town.
and celebrating crosby’s baptism!

how was your weekend?

Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!
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o n e

Sunday swinging.

t w o

Kenley got some fun mail this week!


t h r e e

I’m pretty sure Crosby is going to have more shoes than Kenley. Some of these boys shoes are so stinkin’ cute!
I got these in during the Ralph Lauren private sale this week for $12 plus cash back on ebates.
You can’t beat that!


f o u r

Emily Ley released the 2015 Simplified Planners this week.
I can’t decide which is my favorite!

f i v e

The highlight of my week.


Happy weekend!

Twenty-Eight Weeks

twenty-eight weeks

// zip pajamas // 

Crosby had a couple play dates this week with some friends.
Not to mention, he now has a full class at school with eight total babies in his class.
He’s going to be a little social butterfly in no time.


Crosby and Hudson (6 weeks)


// Old Navy two piece pajamas – similar // 

Crosby and Brady (13 weeks)

He is doing very well overall.
We are introducing more foods every couple of days,
as well as working on his sleeping schedule and trying to help him sleep through the night more frequently.
He’s rolling all over the place and won’t stay in the same place very long.

28 weeks? I’m not sure how that’s possible.