my weekend in photos


my adorable mother’s day gifts from the kiddos


friday night dinner photo shoot.

Good morning! #woundedwarriors #5K #OGB

saturday morning i ran the operation give back wounded warriors 5k on campus.


i told greg on friday that i wanted to run it in under 35 minutes.
considering how much i’ve been running (not much), i thought it would be close.
i was pleasantly surprised with my pace and finish time. and incredibly sore.


going down to visit with kyler turned into kenley swimming with her clothes on.
she was thrilled!




later carly and brady came over to play while the daddies were at work.
i’m pretty sure they could all be old navy pj models.


after church we headed to bjs for “a couple things” and it turned into a full cart.
doesn’t it always happen that way?


we used my mother’s day gift on our hot run today.


happy mother’s day to all you mamas!

4 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. Why don’t you submit some ‘modeling’ photos to Old Navy? It’s worth a try 🙂
    Omgoodness…Kenley swims UNDERWATER with her eyes wide open ! What a little fishy she is. Love it!
    Happy Mother’s Day.

  2. BJ’s sells the mini muffins? Our Sam’s stopped carrying them and Kendrick is not a happy camper! I’m okay with it, he was really dependent on those things!

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