my [long] weekend in photos


i love putting away all the bottles and most of the pumping gear for the weekend.
it’s even better when it’s a long weekend!


we headed down to the jenks’ pool party on saturday.


kenley loved swimming with kyler. 


and taking popsicle breaks.


and dunking with daddy.


crosby passed out after only a little bit of swimming.


we headed to the splash pad after nap time on sunday for a play date with one of crosby’s friends.


// turtle tank //

kenley was more interested in playing at the park. 


as you can tell, crosby rarely napped in his crib this weekend.


the girls were wiped out from a great long weekend.


[most of] our weekend was great. we definitely enjoyed the extra day to get ready for the week ahead.
happy memorial day and thank you to all who have served our country.

how was your long weekend?

2 thoughts on “my [long] weekend in photos

  1. What great photos! You guys sure had fun. 😀
    Our weekend was spent fighting off sickness (and losing most of the time) BUT my husband and older son did build a storage building to hold bikes and other rideable toys, so that was nice. 🙂

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