my weekend in photos


kenley had water day at school on friday. followed by a pizza party. so fun!


we rewarded ourselves for folding a whole lot of laundry on friday night with a treat from the 4R sweet shop.


i finally hung my print from recipe for crazy.


our saturday outing was a trip to target. complete with starbucks and the stretch limo shopping cart.

saturday shenanigans.

playing in kyler’s pool!


first time riding two deep in the wagon.


we went into the weekend with no plans, so it was very low key.
how was your weekend?

Eight Months

I finally feel like we are getting into a good routine and schedule with Crosby now. It really happened when the kids started “summer camp” at school. Really, the days are no different for us, but there is a significant difference at school in the summer versus the fall or spring semesters. There are less kids and it’s more laid back, in my opinion. We are definitely in a summer groove now and feeling good.

This month Crosby had his first ear infection, which led to us chatting with our doctor about him spitting up so much. After trying a few things, we ended up dropping a [milk] feeding and adding a solid meal. The spitting up has gotten better, thankfully! They really weren’t concerned with it, but it makes me feel better knowing that it’s subsided.

A typical day for Crosby is waking up around 5:30am, eating and going back to bed. He’ll have three solid meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and two daytime feedings. He has a bottle at school and I feed him on the weekends. He has been pretty good about napping twice a day, one of which is usually an hour or longer. He has a bath every night, then I’ll feed him around 7pm before laying him in his crib. He goes down without his paci and usually sleeps until 4-5:30am. If it’s before 5:30am, we’ll give him his paci so he will go back to sleep. Some days he will sleep later than 5:30am, which we would like more of, but this week it’s been pretty consistent at that time.


Crosby is definitely crawling, but I wouldn’t say he’s crawling all over the place. He would much rather pull himself up than crawl (apparently, his sister was the same way). He will crawl to the next place he thinks he can pull up on (and he will do it). He loves pulling up on chairs, the ottoman, the play kitchen, the couch, his crib, dressers, the wall, really anything. We’ve even caught him cruise from one item to another, so I am sure it won’t be long before he’s cruising all over the place.

Little man is babbling a lot, saying both da da da and ma ma ma. Of course he said ma ma ma when I wasn’t there, but Greg did get it on video. I love that you can see the wheels turning in his head as he tries to imitate Greg’s lips. He’s not yet calling either of us by those names, but I’ll take whatever I can get!

He has a very laid back personality. He smiles all the time, but really getting him laughing takes a little bit. Apparently, he thinks it’s hilarious when Greg is throwing a ball at Kenley. Crosby got hit a few times, but he just laughed it off.

Since he dropped a feeding this month, I decided it was time for me to drop the 2am pumping session. Our freezer is packed to the brim with frozen breast milk and since he’s eating six ounces less a day, I figured it was safe to stop. Needless to say, it’s been nice sleeping longer than 3-4 hour increments.


Eight month notes:

Weight – I would guess around 19 pounds
Hair – It’s starting to get long on top, almost time for a mohawk!
Teeth – One tooth! I think another one is close to popping through too.
Eyes – Brown brown brown.
Clothes – I just retired his 3-6 months clothes. He’s in all 6-12 months now.
Diapers – Cloth by day and we’re back to disposables at night, size 3.
Likes – Pulling up & standing, bath time, Mum Mums, food, pulling hair, chewing on anything, Kenley, stroller rides, the Ergo
Dislikes – The time between his bedtime feeding and actually falling asleep, diaper changes


I shared a glimpse into our crazy life over on Orlando Moms Blog, if you want to check it out!

my weekend in photos

Happiness. ❤️☕️

five boxes of happiness arrived on friday. all on sale of course.


this boy is crazy.


this was post swimming and pre splash pad on saturday.
not pictured: greg also taking a quick snooze.

Happy first day of summer!

nothing says summer like popsicles at the splash pad!


we hoped our busy saturday meant for a good night of sleep, but that was not the case.
it was quite the opposite for a restless toddler.
sunday morning coffee was a must.


first time riding two deep in the shopping cart.


homemade smoothies after a super long sunday nap.
while we would have loved to nap too, we did get a ton done around the house.

Americuh. #USA

summer. world cup soccer. america.


cheering on usa!


we had a good weekend officially ringing in summer with lots of friends.
how was your weekend?!

32 Months

I unintentionally skipped last month’s update, so this may be a long one. Kenley finished the school year this month so I took her picture on the last day of school (like I did on the first day of school). My mind is blown by how much she’s changed in [what seemed like] such a short amount of time. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty emotional about it all day and I didn’t expect that reaction from myself. I kept telling Greg that I couldn’t stop looking at the picture.

First day of school (left-August 2013) & Last day of school (right-June 2014)

Thanks to her awesome teachers, you can see some pictures from the school year here.

Some of the things Kenley loves right now are: Band Aids (bam-baids); wearing headbands; having a braid; running or “racing”; watching Finding Nemo, Frozen, and Toy Story; dessert (cu-ssert); singing songs from school; listening to “her songs” in “mommy’s car” (only because I can stream Spotify and it’s a kids’ station); playing hide and seek.


She loves talking about cardinals. A cardinal kept flying into their classroom window, so they talked about him a lot and made bird feeders for the cardinal at school. Thanks to one of our favorite books, we also talk about how the cardinal is Indiana’s state bird.

Also new in the last couple of months, Kenley has taken it upon herself to get out of bed in the middle of the night. Most times she just comes into our room. Sometimes she talks, other times she’s silent. Regardless, we walk her back to her room silently and put her back in bed. She also has started to get out of bed at bedtime too which is a bummer since the sun/moon clock was working so well. We have recently started the silent treatment with this too, so I’m hoping it subsides somewhat soon.


She knows that green means go, red means stop, and yellow means slow down. We’re working on the right and left, so she usually asks “this is my right?” while holding her hand or foot up. Recently, she’s started calling Greg “dad” and me “mom” and we don’t like it, so we always remind her that it’s “daddy” or “mommy”. Silly? Yes, I’m sure it is.

Kenley loves loves loves her brother. She has recently taken it upon herself to demonstrate how to crawl around on the floor and celebrates with him when he pulls himself up on things (which is all the time now). She loves giving hugs, kisses, laying on him, patting his head, rubbing is face, really any way she can touch him she will. Poor little guy. She frequently will have conversations with him. “Crosby, remember so and so? They moved away.” It really is the cutest thing ever. She is starting to understand that anything she leaves out is fair game for him now too. She told me the other day that she was going to “put this up here so Crosby can’t get it.”

Recent quotes:

Ello govena!

Kenley: I gotta be a good girl for you so I can get a popsicle.
Mommy: Oh, who said that?
Kenley: Me.

Mommy, whatchu say?

[on June 17th] Is it Halloween yet? 

No, sun! Go away!

Daddy, I like you.

I’m so happy you’re here.

I like vitamins. I like cupcakes all the time. 

Kenley: Does Kyler have a new class? Does Kyler have new teachers?
Mommy: I don’t know, we’ll have to ask Kyler the next time we see her.
Kenley: I have to ask Chris.

 [upon seeing the store] I gotta hit that Target.

For other quotable moments, click here.


Happy 32 months Kenley Dee!

Thirty-Three Weeks

thirty-three weeks

Little man had his first ear infection this week and missed a couple days of school. You would have never thought he was sick, but a red, runny eye prompted us to go to the doctor. He’s off the antibiotics, but I think we may be getting into the teething phase. We’ve had a lot of long stringy drool this weekend. No signs of teeth though!


The boy is constantly on the move!

my weekend in photos


it’s time to retire one of my favorite baby items…tear.


this face.


kenley was decked out for margot’s flamingo birthday party!


the highlight of the party for crosby was an empty water bottle.


hugs for the birthday girl. all business.


we squeezed in a quick nap today while one child was napping and the other was watching frozen.


it wouldn’t be a weekend without a meal from tijuana flats.
in honor of being a dad, greg got a free beer when he and kenley picked up the food.


crosby may be the most photogenic member of our family.
happy father’s day!


we had a low key weekend and it was great!
we watched captain phillips on friday (highly recommend) and celebrated a birthday on saturday.
father’s day consisted of running and yard work in the morning, then relaxing the rest of the day.

happy father’s day to all those daddies out there!

Thirty-Two Weeks

It has been a big week for this little man.
In the last couple of days, Crosby has learned to go from laying down or crawling to a seated position. He has been able to go from sitting up to laying down or crawling, but never vice versa.
He also has been crawling a lot more. It’s still mostly army crawling
but he gets up on his hands and knees a little more.

Just yesterday we made a comment about having to lower his crib mattress because he has been very close to being able to pull himself up. Low and behold when it was time for his nap, we flipped on the monitor to find him standing in his crib…with the mattress still on the highest setting. Needless to say, nap time was postponed so Greg could lower his mattress. Also fun… we saw him sitting in his crib last night a couple of times while he was supposed to be sleeping.

This weekend, we had to return the extra infant car seat base that we had borrowed for seven months. That means that today was his first day riding in a convertible car seat AND that I didn’t have to carry the infant car seat into school today either. I’m very excited about the latter.

thirty-two weeks

// striped tank // shorts //

He is quickly passing all these milestones…and it’s been rough on mama!
Slow down buddy boy!