my weekend in photos


it’s time to retire one of my favorite baby items…tear.


this face.


kenley was decked out for margot’s flamingo birthday party!


the highlight of the party for crosby was an empty water bottle.


hugs for the birthday girl. all business.


we squeezed in a quick nap today while one child was napping and the other was watching frozen.


it wouldn’t be a weekend without a meal from tijuana flats.
in honor of being a dad, greg got a free beer when he and kenley picked up the food.


crosby may be the most photogenic member of our family.
happy father’s day!


we had a low key weekend and it was great!
we watched captain phillips on friday (highly recommend) and celebrated a birthday on saturday.
father’s day consisted of running and yard work in the morning, then relaxing the rest of the day.

happy father’s day to all those daddies out there!

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