my weekend in photos

Happiness. ❤️☕️

five boxes of happiness arrived on friday. all on sale of course.


this boy is crazy.


this was post swimming and pre splash pad on saturday.
not pictured: greg also taking a quick snooze.

Happy first day of summer!

nothing says summer like popsicles at the splash pad!


we hoped our busy saturday meant for a good night of sleep, but that was not the case.
it was quite the opposite for a restless toddler.
sunday morning coffee was a must.


first time riding two deep in the shopping cart.


homemade smoothies after a super long sunday nap.
while we would have loved to nap too, we did get a ton done around the house.

Americuh. #USA

summer. world cup soccer. america.


cheering on usa!


we had a good weekend officially ringing in summer with lots of friends.
how was your weekend?!