my weekend in photos


kenley says, “i want he to sit with me.”
so he did.


friday was 7-11. also known as free slurpee day!


sally encouraged me to go to a group run on saturday morning, which involved me driving about 25 minutes to get there.
thankfully i agreed to go because we put away 6.2 miles before 8:30am.
it was our first unofficial 10k! it was my first time running intervals too, which i am becoming a fan of.
we both felt really good afterwards too.


just another summer afternoon running errands.
this has been a daily occurrence for a couple weeks now.


not only do we play with toys, but we also must play with crosby’s shoes…
so many times this weekend, i thought of this saying…

// source //


crosby playing with his friend after going for a quick swim today.

greg and i both did a double take at least twice today upon walking into our bedroom.


we had no plans this weekend, which was nice.
how was your weekend?

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