my weekend in photos


if you take your eye off this boy for one second, he quietly winds up under something (see below).


kenley had a pajama and ice cream party at school!


so thankful for the new starbucks on campus. especially after working on saturday morning.
venti iced coffee for the win.


quietly underneath the choo choo train.


watching sister play at the park.


double fisting after a long, whiny saturday evening.


early sunday morning run in their pjs.
these stroller fans are awesome and a necessity for running in the florida heat.


he never makes a peep, but his face says it all.


i did a horrible job of taking photos this weekend.
we had a good, productive couple of days.

how was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. Crosby under things! Hilarious. Stroller fans – do you have a third pointed up at you? I admire people who run with strollers – I take every possible measure to schedule mine during a time I’m not on kid duty. 😉

    • Now you’re onto something! I need a third fan pronto. We usually only run with the stroller when it’s the two of us and we can take turns pushing…it’s no joke.

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