my weekend in photos


i wanted to take some pictures on saturday morningĀ &
kenley wanted to play at the park, so it was a win-win!

crosby loved the swings.


we went to a super fun splash park in the afternoon.


it apparently wore kenley out enough to bring her blanket & pillow into the kitchen while i was making dinner.


sunday morning walk to starbucks.


this little guy is nine months old. how?


each time i see these i look for names of anyone i know.
ryan shared a coke with me via text message. my life is complete.


in the latest edition of #crosbyunderthings…


the weekend kept us busy and i’m gearing up for my last week of teaching!
i have more photos to share this week, so keep an eye out.
i’m also looking forward to re-entering the blogging world again soon.

i sure have missed it!

hope you had a great last weekend of july!