Forty-One Weeks

This little guy has had a rough week. All week long I have thought that his top two teeth would be in “any day now”. Finally, just yesterday one of them poked through (barely). Overall, he’s been such a trooper, but you can still tell he’s in pain. He’s been sleeping really well, but again, it’s because he’s not feeling great. Hopefully the top teeth will move in quickly. I now remember with Kenley the top teeth being a lot worse than the bottom, and it’s no different with Crosby.


Over the past week, he’s turned into a standing machine! He let’s go of whatever he’s holding almost every time he’s on his feet and will stand for a long time. He’s not cruising much and he’s not close to taking steps, but he sure does love to just stand there.


forty-one weeks

Happy Monday!

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