my weekend in photos


the kids were out of school this week so greg and i got to spend more time with them than normal.


the perfect shoes for shark week.


this nice girl handed this to me on friday.
i appreciate the fact that she *may* have thought i looked like a college student,

so i didn’t have the heart to tell her that this event was way past my bedtime.


friday night we went to ‘fan fest’ at the stadium to kick off the football season.


we ended up seeing several friends while we were there!


i swear i ask this every week, but when did she get so old?


we were out of coffee creamer on saturday morning
and that was just the excuse we needed to go out to breakfast.

after panera, we did our weekly target run. luckily we beat the ‘move in weekend’ crowd.


we had some friends over for dinner, drinks, and dessert on saturday.


which was followed up with an amazing sunset.

sunday morning shenanigans.


the rest of sunday was spent getting ready for the first day of school tomorrow.
sally, lindsey, and i closed out the love for reagan auction tonight
and we are so thankful for all of the love and support.

if you donated an item or bid on a item, thank you!

summer is officially over and fall is here.
how was your weekend?

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