Forty Weeks

Forty weeks means that little man has been on the outside longer than he was on the inside.
So crazy!

He is doing very well and is constantly on the move.
This weekend he climbed up four stairs and we immediately put the baby gate up.
I also broke out the pack & play so he was contained long enough for me to take a shower.
He was not a fan, but at least I was clean.

forty weeks

The weeks keep flying by!

my weekend in photos


two peas in a pod playing in the curtains.

crosby has been standing more and more, but this reaction has been the best so far.


we had so much fun playing with ben (and sawyer) on saturday.


family selfie during our saturday night walk around the block.


shopping with mama.


the kids had a great time celebrating liam’s birthday today!


crosby crawled right through the tunnel after he got up two steps on a ladder.
the boy is constantly on the move!


we had a great start to august (seriously, already?)
how was your weekend?