my [long] weekend in photos


she looks skeptical about what lies ahead. i feel ya sister.

flying with a family of four

we made it to indiana on friday with flying colors. i will note that the ergo is priceless and i love love love it and our jeep car seat bags (above) were so handy.


we have gotten into collecting license plates and my brother dug these out of my grandma’s house for us. i’m so excited to hang them. they are our first vintage ones (as old as i am!).


seriously, turn your head for one minute and this.


i was so excited to meet mia & cam and kenley was excited to hold the “girl baby”.


we definitely took advantage of the pool at meemaw & grandpa’s house.


my sweet friends met us for brunch this morning before we left indiana. it was so good catching up with them even for a short visit.


it’s september. the first pumpkin spice latte of the season!


yes. this happened. awesome.


and this guy slept on both flights this weekend. he also got a little beat up while we were in indiana.


we had an action-packed long weekend in indiana, but it was so fun!
i have gobs more photos to share this week, so stay tuned!

how was your long weekend?

6 thoughts on “my [long] weekend in photos

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