so long summer and hello fall!

We’re going to pretend it’s not 90+ degrees out right now and take this moment to say so long to summer. This time of year I am always looking forward to fall. We’re back in school, NFL football begins today, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back. But I also want to give summer a proper send off. We had a lot of fun this summer and accomplished most of the items on our summer bucket list. Most importantly, we also did a lot of “nothing” and didn’t feel like we always had to be doing something. Here is a quick rundown:


Number of miles I ran during my first 10K! Stay tuned for a full race recap coming soon.


Number of years of marriage we celebrated this July. Greg and I had a great night out together which included a trip to Trader Joe’s, an appetizer & drinks at Hillstone, dinner at B&B Junction, after dinner drinks at Cooper’s Hawk Winery, and dessert from Sweet!



Number of splash pads we went to this summer. We are all about the splash pads. Kenley loves them and by the end of the summer Crosby did too!



Number of swimming pools we swam in this summer. We love having friends & family who have swimming pools.




Number of birthday parties we attended. Two of them were at splash pads and one was at MyGym! They were all super fun and we had a good time celebrating with our friends.



Number of trips we made. Our first was a road trip down to Grammy’s house at the beginning of summer and the second was an airplane trip to Indiana at the end of the summer. Both were so fun and it was so good to see our families.



Number of times we went to the beach. While we were at Grammy’s house, we took the kids to the beach for a little bit. It was tons of fun and we’re definitely looking forward to getting back soon.


It’s been fun, summer.
Now, bring on fall!

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