Friday I’m in Love

It’s Friday and I’m back to blogging! Can you believe it’s been over three months since our last Friday post?
While my little blogging break this summer was needed, I definitely got to the point where I missed sitting down and just writing.
If you’re new around here, let me introduce you to our Friday I’m in Love series.
Each Friday, Misha and I share a few of our favorite things from the week.
Sometimes there are big things, but most of the time it’s just the little things that keep us going and are worth sharing. We’d love for you to join us. Either link your own post back here or leave a comment and share what you’re loving.
You can take a look at past weeks here.

o n e

Thank goodness! College football returned last week and the NFL officially started last night.
We’ve been watching a lot of baseball this summer so I’m ready for a change of pace.
I’m also very excited about the Colts vs. Broncos opening up Sunday Night Football this weekend.

t w o

In addition to watching baseball, we’ve also started SUITS on Amazon Prime.
We are obsessed! It’s so good. We’re into season two now and we watch it every chance we get.

t h r e e

This one has two parts. First, I will admit I am loving Taylor’s new song right now.
Second, minor league baseball will always having a special place in my heart and this shows just how awesome it really is.

f o u r

We recently learned the trick of cooking bacon in the oven and we’ll never go back.
It’s seriously amazing!


Happy Friday friends!

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