Summer Safari Virtual 10K {Race Recap}

This summer I have really gotten back into running since Crosby was born. I’m definitely not where I want to be quite yet, but I’m slowly getting there. I’m been pretty good at getting my weekend miles in, but the weekday miles, not so much. Last month, I ran my first 10K and participated in my first virtual race. A virtual race is a “race” that you can run anywhere. There is no specific time or place, you just need to complete the selected distance on your own. Here is a little bit more information on virtual races, if you’re interested. I signed up for the national Moms RUN This Town Summer Safari virtual 10K with my East Orlando chapter. Luckily, I was able to complete my 10K with some other mamas of our chapter.

On race day, there were two groups, the 10K started first, and the 5K group followed. My Garmin was not set to intervals and I didn’t even check beforehand, so it was good I wasn’t planning on running intervals. Heather and I ran together which was great because we chatted the whole time. We took a water break at the 5K stop (3.1 miles) and I thought to myself how nice it would have been if I would have signed up for the 5K. It was HOT. However, we continued. We took another walk and water break at the 5 mile marker where we had to turn around on the trail. There was some shade on the second half of the run, which was helpful, but it was still very hot.

My first 10K is in the books and my first virtual race is in the books. Thanks for running with me @heatherandgib! #MRTT #EOMRTT #runhappy

Even with our short water breaks, I felt very good about my time. By my Garmin, we ran 6.33 miles in 1 hour and 16 minutes, roughly a 12:09 min/mile pace. My goal is to continue to work on my pace, as well as distance in preparation for the OUC Half-Marathon in early December. It’s a good thing I have a couple months to do so!


In addition to our shiny medal, we also got a sweet swag bag since we have a great chapter leader. I’m happy to have completed my first 10K race and I’m going to look to do other distance races as well. On the other hand, I’m not sure how many virtual races I will do in the future. If there is an option to do a virtual race with a group, like this one, then I would be more up for doing it. I don’t see myself ever completing more than a 5K virtual race on my own. What I love about running races is the race day atmosphere that really gets my adrenaline pumping. Even though I know I will never win (or even place) in any of these races, they are fun!

Now on to the Miracle Miles 15K this weekend! I’m already nervous.

5 thoughts on “Summer Safari Virtual 10K {Race Recap}

  1. thanks for sharing about the virtual race. i’ve actually never heard of it! and i agree…i don’t think i would do it on my own (what’s the point?!).

    Also, which camelbak do you use? i’ve always been weary of using one but you are the 2nd runner I know who has it so maybe I will invest for next summer.

    Good luck this weekend!! I did a 14k once and had no idea how many miles i was doing until i finished hahaha. not the best way to approach a race.

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