Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! I am so excited that one of my best girlfriends Mary Beth is now joining us for Friday I’m in Love! Head over to her blog, as well as Misha’s to see what they are loving this week.

o n e

TOMS for Target Hero

Target + TOMS collaboration this holiday season. I cannot contain my excitement.
TOMS hit Target stores November 16th and they are giving back in several ways. Read more here.

t w o

I know it’s only September, but I got my 2015 Simplified Planner in the mail this week! I am SO excited. I got the [new] weekly edition for 2015 instead of the daily edition I have now.

Isn’t it so pretty?

2015 Emily Ley Simplified Planner

t h r e e

25 Things All Basic White Girls Do During The Fall << This. All of this.

f o u r

I have been trying to drink more water throughout the day, so I usually bring one La Croix to work to drink during lunch to mix it up a little bit. Passionfruit is my new favorite flavor. It is the best, in my opinion. I have only seen it at Target and judging by their website, it looks like it’s their exclusive flavor. Give it a try!


Leave us a comment and share what you’re loving this week.

Have a great weekend!

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