my weekend in photos

crosby loves pushing things around the house. friday night it was the caboose to the train.


my alarm was set for 4:45am on saturday morning. i got up and ran my first 15k! in the rain, i may add.
full race recap to come.


after a rainy saturday, we had mexican and margaritas for dinner. yum!


the boys played.


and the girls had a dance party.


the new bats exhibit opened at the orlando science center this weekend.
so creepy!


we arrived as soon as the doors opened today so we had the place to ourselves for a little while.


look at this cute little guy.


and this cute little guy playing in the tunnels.


we had been talking all week about kenley’s “big race” coming up and today was the day.


once we got there and she saw all the kids, she started mean-mugging everyone.
when the gun went off, she just stood there.


after some persuasion she actually started running.
by this time, most of the kids had already finished the 50 yard dash.
hilarious, cute, and still fun. we’re ready for next week!


we had a busy, yet relaxing weekend over here.
how was yours?

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