Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!
Don’t forget to head over to see what Misha & Mary Beth are loving this week.

o n e

‘Tis the season for a full DVR, fall shows are back! We just finished a couple summer shows, so we are ready for the good stuff to come back. I think I am most excited for the final season of Parenthood (yes, my tissues are ready). Everyone always asks why I watch a show that makes me cry (almost) every week, but it’s just so relate-able! What shows are you looking forward to?


t w o

If you missed What’s Up Moms’ Fancy parody, it’s a must see.
Now, they’re back with another spot on parody about Pinterest.

t h r e e

Old Navy is killing it with their fall line of toddler clothes. Look at these boots, and the line of little leopards. Love it! Not to mention, how comfy does this hoodie look? Old Navy is having a huge baby/toddler sale too, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

f o u r

I mean, aren’t they the cutest?!


I cannot believe it’s the last weekend of September!
Make it a good one friends.

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