my weekend in photos


i found this picture on my phone. i think greg may have wanted to share what we were doing on friday night.
all of this, plus the season premiere of shark tank!


kayla and i met up for six miles on saturday morning.
don’t be fooled by the smiles, it was a struggle.


one perk of being up before the sun is actually seeing the sun come up. it sure was pretty.


this little dude is eleven months old.

and his latest trick is dancing!


my view on saturday night.
this is real life.


daddy built a fort today!


i went to the meet and greet with my running group today and made this sweet shirt.
seriously, love it. i’m getting mentally prepared for 13.1 come december.


week two of the healthy kids running series!


she did much better this week and she’s even making new friends.
so cute.


we had another fun, but busy weekend. i’m guessing that is going to be the norm for a while.
how was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. Oh my gosh Kendra! They are both absolutely beautiful! Crosby looks like a big doll baby sitting in that chair! Love the fort. Use to build a lot of forts for Kyle and Brandon.

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