my weekend in photos


greg worked on friday night, so it was me and the kiddos.
i came out from putting crosby down to see my little threenager.


we headed out saturday morning for a 5k around our ‘hood.


kenley had fun playing at aria’s house and having brunch.


and the adults had fun enjoying some sparkling wine before noon.


we took part in $2 tacos and margaritas for national taco day last night.
then we couldn’t stay up past 10:30pm… getting crazy you know.


kayla and i woke up before the sun for our run this morning.
the weather was amazing…i even wore a long sleeve shirt!


we beat our 15K time from a couple weeks ago in the process of running 10 miles,
needless to say we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

kenley’s new hoodie arrived at the perfect time
since the temperature was cooler today and since the royals play tonight!
a huge thanks to our friends in kc!


stretching it out…


week three of the healthy kids running series!
i can’t handle the cuteness each week.


we had a busy weekend, but thoroughly enjoyed the amazing weather today.
how was your weekend?!

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