my [thanksgiving] weekend in photos


turkey trot 5k on thanksgiving morning.


greg fried up a turkey for us for dinner.

you can’t turn your head for one minute.

but he sure is cute.


greg worked all day (and all night) on friday so we went to visit him at work and have dinner.

saturday morning walk & hand holding.

after nap time on saturday, we headed down to the science center. kenley loves the car. she also touched a snake!

crosby just liked wandering around.

kayla and i met up for our last run together before the ouc half marathon next weekend. we’ve been running together long enough that we’re starting to dress alike.

majority of our time in target was spent like this. no matter how many times i turned him around, he ended up like this again. i eventually gave up.

such is life.

we finished up decorating the house this weekend and greg hung the lights outside. the elf even made his comeback tonight. we’re excited for the month of december!


hope you had a great long weekend and a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!

Pinterest Christmas // 2014

pinterest christmas diy

I am so excited to be co-hosting the third annual Pinterest Christmas blog series happening in December! Each week the hosts will be sharing Pinterest-inspired projects related to the holiday season. The projects could be anything from decorations and crafts to traditions and recipes. Each of us will be sharing our projects in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We would love for you to join in on the fun. Plan your projects, post them, link back to one of our posts, and leave us a comment! Not a blogger? No problem, we’d love to see your projects on Instagram! Use the hashtag #PinterestChristmas2014

The hosts:

[Emerald City Diaries | Greg & Maggi |  The Gilbertson Family | The Pena Family | This Grey House | Without A Doubt]

Need some inspiration? Check out the posts from the previous two years here.

Happy crafting!

Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to head over to see what these other lovely ladies are loving this week (and help welcome Laura!): Misha // Mary Beth // Amanda // Laura

o n e

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals!
You know that I’ve been loving me some Amazon deals and I definitely still am, but I’ve also been sharing the wealth. I have been scooping up gifts for others all week and I plan to do the same this weekend. I have also been doing a lot of window shopping on Instagram since I follow a lot of handmade shops. Thrifty Littles put together the ultimate Black Friday Small Business Shopping Guide (which I saw Misha was loving too!) and it features my good friend Sally’s shop: Sally Sarah Designs! Head over and give it a little looksie.


t w o

We ran our first Turkey Trot 5K yesterday morning. It was a little chilly, but great running weather. The kids stayed in their pjs and Kenley got a “funny bone” stress ball from our swag bag. It was so fun to do a race as a family.


t h r e e

One of Greg’s favorite dishes is green bean casserole. Imagine my excitement when I found green beans AND mushrooms in one can! It was perfect to use in the casserole and it was delicious!

f o u r

I came across another good article about youth sports, injury prevention, and not committing to one sport too early. I have no clue what sports our kids will play, for how long, or what they will like, but I grew up playing multiple sports from childhood through high school, so these articles definitely interest me. I hope some of you enjoy them too!


Happy Black Friday!

13 Months

Our little turkey is 13 months old today!

13 Months

It seems like he has changed so much this month. He is starting to talk more and more, even though the majority of his words aren’t recognizable. At first, it was very hard for me to even hear some of the words he was saying. I have been used to clear toddler vocabulary and hadn’t even thought that I needed to go back to baby talk. When my parents were here for Crosby’s birthday party, my dad pointed out several words that Crosby was saying or repeating and I hadn’t even realized it. Since then, I feel like he’s saying a lot more now. I just needed to get into the right mindset. His favorite words include dada, mama, ruff (as in “what does the dog say?”), hi, bye, boo (book), bath, ball… you know, all the good “b” words. He does a pretty good job of mimicking too.

C man had an ear infection last week which landed us in the doctor’s office. He had been sniffling and coughing for a little while, but when he work up on Monday morning, he clearly wasn’t feeling well, so off we went. After a couple rounds of antibiotics, he was back to normal. There has been a lot going around this month between the two of their classes, so I’m thankful it has only been an ear infection so far. Crosby is still drinking breast milk, so I’m hoping that is keeping his immune system up. I think we can probably make it another month before we run out, so we will probably start introducing whole milk in the next couple of weeks.


The boy loves to eat! He eats whatever we are having for dinner most nights and still isn’t a huge fan of his green vegetables.

At school, Crosby’s nickname is the International Man of Danger. His teacher always tells me stories of him climbing the book shelf, throwing things in the trash can (including his shoes!), and just being a complete destruct-or of all the toys in the room. I can see it because he’s the same way when we get up to the playroom. He’s all over the place, pulling toys down, throwing them then moving on to the next.

Thirteen month notes:

Weight – 21 pounds 2 ounces (about two weeks ago)
Hair – Brown, thick, and a little bit curly in the back
Teeth – Still only 7
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 12-18 months, size 4 shoes, some 18-24 month pjs
Diapers – Cloth by day and size 4 disposables by night
Likes – Walking, running, books, bath time, throwing food off the high chair, his classroom, climbing on his chair, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, balls, picking up shoes, playing with the Christmas ornaments
Dislikes – Diaper changes, getting teeth

We sure are thankful for this little guy!

a few of my favorite things :: stocking stuffers

Today I’m linking up with April, Elise, Katie, and Zelle to share some of my favorite things…stocking stuffers!

Stocking Stuffers for Her

lip balm // iPhone case // bobby pins // coffee mug // Tervis Tumbler // bracelet // washi tape // Clif Shot

Stocking Stuffers for Him

boxers // candy // Bodyglide // glassware // SD card // Starbucks cup // screwdriver set

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Re-Play Utensils // LEGO duplo train // undies // water bottle // Band-Aid // sticker book

my weekend in photos


greg worked late on friday night and i got up super early on saturday morning to run eight miles with these lovely ladies.

our walks around the block take a while since we have to stop every four steps to chat.

we headed up to daddy’s work on saturday night to see some snow,
which was really just soap suds, but she loved it.

selfie with mommy.

sunday morning we made our rounds… bj’s, target, and publix. all before naptime.

christmas decorations went up today! this one was so excited and helpful. she claimed her section of the tree and stuck to it.


greg worked a lot this weekend and i held down the fort. it was exhausting for everyone.
we’re looking forward to a great thanksgiving week coming up.

how was your weekend?

Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!
Don’t forget to hop over to see what these lovely ladies are loving this week: Misha // Mary Beth // Amanda

o n e

Newsroom is back for its third and final season…so very bittersweet, but we are back to being obsessed. Season three picked up with the bombings at the Boston Marathon. It was crazy reliving the whole thing again and I have to say that I did get a little emotional. The show is seriously amazing.

t w o

Greg and I had a date night this week! We try to get out just the two of us once a month, but that rarely happens. This week we got tickets to the Magic game against the Clippers. Our tickets were in the all you can eat/drink section, so it really couldn’t get any better. I sported my Victor Oladipo shirt and the Orlando Magic Twitter account retweeted one of my tweets. It was a good night! Afterwards we met some friends out downtown and had a celebratory birthday drink before heading home and crawling into bed by 11pm.


t h r e e

Amazon Lightning Deals are my jam right now. I’ve scored several Christmas gifts for the kids including one of their big ticket items at a ridiculous price. Greg and I are still talking about how great of deal we got. The only caveat is that there are a limited number of deals available per item so you have to scope out the upcoming deals and act fast when they go live. I may have an alarm set on my phone labeled “Amazon Lightning Deal”.

f o u r

One of the perks of living in central Florida is that friends sometimes visit on vacation. We had a chance to meet up with Megan and her family last night at Downtown Disney for dinner and it was so great to catch up with her AND meet her fellas.


Ok friends, your turn! What are you loving this week?

Our Favorites // Nine Months

I’m slowly catching up on posts so I want to share our nine month favorites! You can catch up on the three and six month favorites.

Dr. Brown’s Snack-A-Pillar Cups

These were recommended to us by a friend when Crosby was starting solids. They are wonderful for sending food and snacks to school. The cups can be used individually since each color has its own lid, or you can send them together stacked. We also love them for travel and airplane rides! They are perfect for offering a variety of snack options. We also use the OXO Tot Bowl Set to send food to school and we love these bowls. I found several of them at TJ Maxx when Kenley was little but not so much recently. You can also get them at Buy Buy Baby with a coupon.

Fisher-Price Workbench

The workbench, as well as the kitchen, is a great interactive learning toy that is good for all ages. It’s small so it can go from room to room, and has different settings for learning. However, it is not sturdy, so when he was starting to pull himself up on things, he took a lot of spills on the workbench and the kitchen because they toppled right over with them. Regardless, these two toys get played with a lot in our household.

Board Books

The Going to Bed Book

Crosby loves books. He is all about them at school and at home. Some of our early favorites include most of the Sandra Boynton books, including The Going to Bed Book and Moo Baa La La La. We also recently started collecting the Good Night series books.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

This is one of the many push toys we have at the house and both kids love it. It was great for Crosby to push around when he wasn’t walking yet, but wanted to get from place to place. He also loved to put the alphabet blocks into the train and have them shoot out the back. It was fun for Greg and I to watch his hand/eye coordination develop. Another good thing about the train is that it is educational! Win/win for everyone.

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer


We didn’t have a bottle warmer when Kenley was a baby, but I saw this bottle warmer at TJ Maxx for $17 and I couldn’t pass it up. I had hoped I would be breastfeeding, so I figured that Crosby wouldn’t be having many bottles at home, but when he did the bottle warmer was great! Around ten and a half months, Crosby decided he was done breastfeeding and he took a bottle morning, noon, and night. This bottle warmer was clutch! We used it every day until we transitioned fully to the sippy cup.


What are some of your favorites at the nine month mark?

my weekend in photos


friday was an early release day from work so we headed down to the mall to see the big guy.
you can’t help but to get into the christmas spirit when you see the amazing decorations.


santa was a success!
i promise we still love thanksgiving, but it’s just worth the early trip to beat the crowds.
i’m also happy to report there were no tears!


after santa, we headed to dinner.

we rarely go out to dinner…at a restaurant…so it was a fun change of pace.


i am trying to be on my game this year and have already gotten our christmas cards!
don’t worry, i’ll wait until after thanksgiving to send them out.

saturday morning we headed out for a chilly walk.


daddy left for work in the morning and didn’t return until very late.
in the meantime, the kids and i ran some errands, got a car wash, and came home to a giant dragonfly (the size of my head) in the house.
we proceeded to have a picnic dinner of junk food on our bathroom floor (with the door shut) and after bedtime i locked myself back in the bedroom.
thankfully, greg saved the day at 1am when he got home from work.
i also like to send greg pictures of the kids sleeping on the monitor when he’s working, because really, what’s cuter than sleeping nuggets?


four hours after greg got home, i got out of bed to head out for 10 miles.
we survived, but it wasn’t our best showing, and i’m feeling it.


our meet and greet this month with the running group included drinks and painting.
i’m pretty impressed with the final result even though i know it’s definitely not great.
it sure was fun though!

the pineapple dress lives on!

tonight we headed out to the arena for the home opener of the ucf knights!

kenley loved looking for knightro!


we had an action packed weekend and i don’t anticipating it slowing down any time soon.
how was your weekend?!

Friday I’m in Love

Hi guys! Remember me? I had every intention to hit publish on a couple posts this week, but now it’s already Friday and I didn’t do that. The good news… it’s Friday and I’m here to share what I’m loving this week. Don’t forget to hop over to see what these lovely ladies are loving too: Misha // Mary Beth // Amanda.

o n e

I got to attend my second Babies, Brunch, and Bubbly this week. Better yet, I got to host one! I had the day off on Tuesday in observance of Veterans Day, so I invited the mamas and their babies over to play. Again, I was without kids since they were in school, but it was still fun having the girls over. I made these Spinach Quiche Cups and they were SO good!

t w o

A polaroid of Swift with shoulder-length blonde hair wearing red lipstick and a long-sleeved sweater with a picture of birds in the sky. Her face is cut off by the frame above the nose and "T. S." and "1989" are written on the white polaroid frame with black marker.

I know I’m a couple weeks late on this, but I’ve been listening to 1989 nonstop. My current faves are Blank Space and I Wish You Would. I’m sure it’ll be different next week.

t h r e e

I am determined to stay ahead of my Christmas shopping this year, unlike last year (I blame having a newborn. That’s acceptable, right?). I printed this great shopping list so I can keep track of what I need to get, and more importantly, not miss out on any deals!

f o u r

While we’re talking about deals…if you plan to do any Christmas shopping online this year, you MUST sign up for Ebates. This is FREE money ya’ll! Here is another tip, if you use Google Chrome as your browser, download this extension so Ebates will automatically look for cash back options for you.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

f i v e

Today is an early release day from work! Woohoo! The weekend starts at 3pm!


Your turn! What are you loving this week?!