my weekend in photos


after working on saturday morning, i headed up to great day in the country to help out sally at her booth. we had a lot of visitors and had a fun day chatting away. i headed home with this darling garland from another cute little booth.


i came home to see that this one convinced daddy to let her wear her pineapple dress. on a chilly november day.


after a beautiful day yesterday, kayla and i had plans to run this morning. it was in the 50s and raining the entire time we ran our 8 miles. surprisingly it wasn’t too bad but a hot shower and hot coffee were much needed.


we built a lot of fun things this weekend.


this one. he went into the shower today and grabbed the shaving cream then went right into the bathroom and threw it into the toilet. you can’t leave him alone for a second.


we celebrated charlie’s 5th birthday today with a fun minion party and this yummy cake!


these two are only six weeks apart, but it’s amazing what a difference six weeks makes at this age. they are too cute.


we had a good, but busy weekend and i failed miserably at taking pictures. better luck next weekend.

how was your weekend?

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