my weekend in photos


friday was an early release day from work so we headed down to the mall to see the big guy.
you can’t help but to get into the christmas spirit when you see the amazing decorations.


santa was a success!
i promise we still love thanksgiving, but it’s just worth the early trip to beat the crowds.
i’m also happy to report there were no tears!


after santa, we headed to dinner.

we rarely go out to dinner…at a restaurant…so it was a fun change of pace.


i am trying to be on my game this year and have already gotten our christmas cards!
don’t worry, i’ll wait until after thanksgiving to send them out.

saturday morning we headed out for a chilly walk.


daddy left for work in the morning and didn’t return until very late.
in the meantime, the kids and i ran some errands, got a car wash, and came home to a giant dragonfly (the size of my head) in the house.
we proceeded to have a picnic dinner of junk food on our bathroom floor (with the door shut) and after bedtime i locked myself back in the bedroom.
thankfully, greg saved the day at 1am when he got home from work.
i also like to send greg pictures of the kids sleeping on the monitor when he’s working, because really, what’s cuter than sleeping nuggets?


four hours after greg got home, i got out of bed to head out for 10 miles.
we survived, but it wasn’t our best showing, and i’m feeling it.


our meet and greet this month with the running group included drinks and painting.
i’m pretty impressed with the final result even though i know it’s definitely not great.
it sure was fun though!

the pineapple dress lives on!

tonight we headed out to the arena for the home opener of the ucf knights!

kenley loved looking for knightro!


we had an action packed weekend and i don’t anticipating it slowing down any time soon.
how was your weekend?!

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