my [thanksgiving] weekend in photos


turkey trot 5k on thanksgiving morning.


greg fried up a turkey for us for dinner.

you can’t turn your head for one minute.

but he sure is cute.


greg worked all day (and all night) on friday so we went to visit him at work and have dinner.

saturday morning walk & hand holding.

after nap time on saturday, we headed down to the science center. kenley loves the car. she also touched a snake!

crosby just liked wandering around.

kayla and i met up for our last run together before the ouc half marathon next weekend. we’ve been running together long enough that we’re starting to dress alike.

majority of our time in target was spent like this. no matter how many times i turned him around, he ended up like this again. i eventually gave up.

such is life.

we finished up decorating the house this weekend and greg hung the lights outside. the elf even made his comeback tonight. we’re excited for the month of december!


hope you had a great long weekend and a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!

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