2014 in a nutshell


We had our annual dinner at Disney with my parents and family friends!
My first race of the year was the Color Run 5K. Ann and I ran together at a nice leisurely pace.
We celebrated Kristen & sweet baby Brady at her sprinkle shower.
So thankful we got to see several friends from out of town! Samios, Abrahamsens, and Katie!
We celebrated at two birthday parties, Lyla’s and Kyler’s!
Greg got to see Stone Sour in concert and also built a barn door. It so weird to see the before pictures because it seems like the door has been there forever!
I became an Orlando Moms Blog contributor!


As usual February was low key, we watched the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.
We celebrated Caelyn’s birthday at her party.
We also celebrated Valentine’s Day with our two little valentines.
The girls and I threw Michelle a baby sprinkle to celebrate baby Hudson!



More out of town guests visited! The Manganillos came and we got to meet baby Dillon!
My grandparents were also able to come down for a visit, which I am so thankful for.
Kenley and I headed to MyGym to celebrate Caleb’s birthday.
We caught a spring training baseball game and I took the kids to see Disney Live! at daddy’s work.
We met baby Hudson!
Of course, there was a lot of March Madness watching happening too.



We upgraded to the BOB Duallie and enjoyed our first run as a family of four. That may not seem like it’s newsworthy, but looking back, that was the first of many runs together this year and many more to come.
I shared our playroom which was have been enjoying immensely this year.
Crosby and I made a trip to Indiana to celebrate the life of my uncle. It was C’s first trip on a plane and he did awesome!
Greg and I hit up a Magic game before the season ended and enjoyed a date night together.
Crosby celebrated his half birthday and I finally shared our first pictures as a family of four.
Britton & Ashley were in town so we got to see them at Disney.
Lindsey and I enjoyed a girls’ night out for the Darius Rucker concert!


Gary & Lauren got married and we celebrated at Quantum Leap Winery, then celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends.
I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a mama of two!
I ran my second race, the Wounded Warriors 5K, which is when I first met Kayla (my eventual running buddy).
We were thrilled that Dana, James and Lucas came to visit! We also had a quick surprise visit from Katie, which was awesome.
Crosby Martin was baptized at Summit Church!



We kicked off summer with a trip to Grammy’s and hit the beach!
We had two birthday parties very close to each other. Carly & Margot both turned 2!
Greg celebrated his first Father’s Day with two kiddos.


My parents were in town for the 4th of July weekend.
Greg and I celebrated our sixth anniversary!
Sally and I ran an unofficial 10K together which marked my longest run since Crosby, and the start of my running addiction!
I took some pictures of the kids just three months before their birthdays.



The summer course I taught wrapped up. My second semester teaching is in the books, it was a busy six weeks.
Since I was working so much this summer, I made a lot of slow cooker meals.
We went to a different MyGym to celebrate Liam’s birthday.
This was our first trip to the Orlando Science Center and got a season pass.
The kids went “back to school” and each in a new classroom.
I ran my first 10K and my first virtual race, the MRTT Summer Safari 10K.


We headed up to Indiana for Labor Day weekend to celebrate Michael & Rachel’s brew bash.
Disney on Ice! was in town.
We celebrated Wyatt’s first birthday and met baby Molly.
Kenley started her Healthy Kids Running Series, five weeks of races!
I ran the Miracle Miles 15K downtown, which was my first 15K race.

brew bash m+r


We headed up to Chicago for a vacation in the city.
Michael & Rachel got married in Oak Park, Illinois!
Greg and I each celebrated our birthdays.
Kenley turned three years old and we had a rainbow birthday party.
I ran my second half marathon, the Inaugural Lake Nona 13.1.
Crosby turned one year old and his birthday party was under construction.
The kids were Mike & Sully from Monsters, Inc. for Halloween!




We celebrated Charlie’s birthday at his minion party, which Kenley loved.
We beat the crowds this year and saw Santa before Thanksgiving!
Greg and I had a date night at the Magic game against the Clippers.
Megan & her family were in town so we saw them at Disney.
Our Christmas tree went up earlier than usual this year too. We were ready!
We celebrated Thanksgiving at home with just the four of us.



My parents were in town at Disney, so we got to see them for the weekend.
I ran my third half marathon, the OUC Half Marathon downtown.
The girls and I shared our Pinterest Christmas projects (here, here, and here).
I went to my second Meet + Make with the girls and we did a triple date with our hubbys.
The Manganillos were back in town, so Crosby and Dillon got to play with each other again!
We headed down to Grammy’s house for Christmas.
My parents visited and we went to Legoland for the first time!


We had a fabulous year and are looking forward to 2015!


Here is a look back.
2011 // 2012 // 2013

Christmas 2014

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We headed down to Grammy’s house on Monday night after I got off work. The kids were out of school all week and their cousins were already in from Colorado.

The days leading up to Christmas were filled with swimming, canoeing, and boating. We took walks, hung out with the family, and got some running in.

Christmas Eve Eve swimming sesh! #gilbochristmas2014 #cousins #kenleydee

We got dressed for Christmas Eve dinner and of course, had to sneak in a photo shoot with the kids. After our photo shoot, the kids got to open a couple gifts from Grammy.





After dinner, the kids made and decorated cookies for Santa!

Christmas morning arrived and the kids opened their gifts. We had a great brunch, including mimosas, and then it was time for the adults to open their gifts. Conveniently, the kids were all playing with their toys and Crosby was down for his nap.


After everyone else had their nap time, we all headed down to the beach. Drew was determined to jump in the ocean on Christmas Day. It was the first time any of us had our feet in the sand on Christmas. It was a lot busier than I expected, so I guess everyone else had the same idea. Everyone got in the water except for Crosby and I. It was a tad cold for my liking and he took a little nap in the Ergo while everyone played.

After the beach, Greg and I snuck out of the house and took the canoe out. It was extremely relaxing and peaceful out there.

After a great Christmas dinner and then game night with the fam, we headed back to our house the next morning. It was so so great to see Greg’s family and spend Christmas with them. When we got back home, my parents were already there and we celebrated Christmas with them.




We finished off the night with a steak dinner and a very early bedtime for everyone. We had such a fun week celebrating Christmas, but it was also exhausting. The kids had a blast with their cousins and the holidays keep getting more fun as they get older.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

14 Months

Crosby is 14 months old today!

14 Months

This little man is ALL BOY. This is the first month that we have really noticed a big difference between he and Kenley. It’s more little things, but differences nonetheless. First, Kenley took her share of spills when she was in the early walking months, but Crosby takes it to a whole new level. He has busted his lip open three different times… Each time I hold my breath and quickly say a prayer that we won’t need to go get stitches. That may sound dramatic, but it’s hard to decipher how bad it really is when he’s screaming and there is blood all over his mouth and teeth. Next, the climbing. I’m sure this is also partly because he is the second child and he sees Kenley doing all these things now, but climbs up the stairs, onto the stool, on top of the IKEA table, onto the TV stand, over the Anywhere Chairs, and is constantly finding new things to make hit taller (blocks, books, etc.). This week, he scooted an IKEA chair across the kitchen and to the gate to go upstairs, then proceeded to climb on top of the chair in attempts to get over the gate. Greg told someone the other day that the difference he has noticed is that Kenley would happily take things out of the drawer, make a mess, and play with it while Crosby will take things out of the drawer, make a mess, play with it, then get IN the drawer. That pretty much sums it up.


He has turned into quite the toddler this month too and I know that will be the case each month for probably the next year. His vocabulary is coming right along. He now says “baby” which is his first two syllable word! He can tell you what a duck, dog, cow, and sheep says thanks to the book Moo, Baa, La La La. He is very particular about the books we read at night and has no problem slamming the book shut if he doesn’t want to read that one. He is signing more and more too. He does eat, more, and we are working on milk and please.

Speaking of milk, as of two weeks ago, he is off breastmilk and onto whole milk completely. I have too admit I am still a little sad about this. It is the end of an era and I now have nothing left to show for all of my hard work. However, I am so thankful that it lasted as long as it did! Even though he stopped breastfeeding before Kenley did, he was still on breastmilk for longer than she was. He had no issues transitioning to the whole milk and he loves it just the same. I really cannot remember how much Kenley was drinking about this point, so I’m going to bring it up at our doctor’s appointment next month, but he has milk for all three meals and a little bit in his sippy cup right before bed. For snack time and throughout the day, he has water. Crosby continues to eat like a champ and there are some nights that he definitely will eat more dinner than Kenley. Again, all boy.

We had such a fun time celebrating the holidays with this little guy. He is more fun each and every day and I know it will continue to only get better. He’s a sweetheart and is constantly making us laugh. We love you little man.

Fourteen month notes:

Weight – 23 pounds 8 ounces (as of today)… solid.
Hair – He’s had 2 hair cuts!
Teeth – 8 total, 4 on top, 4 on bottom and working on a molar
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 12-18 month, some 18-24 month pajamas
Diapers – Cloth diapers by day, disposables by night, size 4
Likes – cars, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, climbing, push toys, splashing in the bath, almost running, being tickled under his arms, stacking & sorting puzzle, clapping, making a mess with the Duplos, milk
Dislikes – clothes/diaper changes, green veggies, having his nose wiped, taking medicine

my weekend in photos


santa paid a visit to the kids’ school on friday. kenley was a little skeptical.

merry christmas from crosby!

friday night quiet time after crosby went to bed.

after being sick this week, it was great to get out for six miles on saturday morning.

the perk of getting a run in early was beating the crowds at target. i was in and out by 8:30am and i even scoped out the clearance christmas decor!

greg’s best friend was in town this weekend!

we love seeing out of town guests and their friends. this is the second time this year we’ve all gotten together!

crosby and dillon. buds.

pure joy.

we had an afternoon triple date today and hit up a new place!

food, beer and friends.


i was finding peas everywhere.


we had a great weekend seeing friends and we’re getting ready for a fun week ahead.
have a wonderful holiday!

Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday and cheers to the last Friday I’m in Love post of 2014! How is it possible that this year is almost over?! This week I’m loving ALL OF THE THINGS Christmas.

o n e

Kenley had pajama day yesterday at school. There is nothing better than wearing pajamas all day, especially Christmas ones!


t w o

Christmas cards! Getting the mail is the MOST fun during the month of December. I love seeing all these beautiful faces all month long.

t h r e e

I am officially hooked on the Serial podcast! I was home sick this week (which was not so fun) so I literally laid around all day and listened. I am up to episode 7 and I am already plotting when I will be able to listen next. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out here. It’s so good!

What are you loving this week?

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diy Christmas ornaments + decor

pinterest christmas diy

This week I’m sharing a hodge podge of different little crafts I did to decorate this season. You know how much I love to make ornaments, so I continued that tradition this year. After finding this adorable fabric scrap ornament, I dug up a pack of styrofoam balls that I had purchased way back for probably a very good reason, which I cannot remember now. I also had a little bit of scrap fabric left over from my Christmas garland I made last year, so this project was a freebie! I started with the ribbon and a stick pin so I could hang my ornament. I then cut the fabric into (approximately) one inch squares and started poking them into the styrofoam ball. The fabric stuck on its own, so I didn’t need any pins. I would imagine you could use any tool that has a sharp point. I ended up using a this little cleaning gadget that came with my sewing machine. I love how it turned out and I definitely want to make more in the future.

diy ornaments

diy ornaments

The other ornament I made this year was Crosby’s birth announcement ornament! Misha also made one for Eloise and did a little tutorial on it, so check that out here!

diy ornaments

This year I felt like I needed more festive decor for our TV unit in the family room. I had my eye on these waterless snow globes and felt like they would be perfect. I picked up a few extra Ball jars at Jo-Ann Fabrics (they also make smooth edge jars too!), as well as the fake snow. I found the trees on Amazon for $12. The small globes are candle votives that weren’t getting used in the house, so I decided to use them. I used the flat lids of two other Ball jars and attached them to the votives with spray adhesive. They look great from a distance, but not the best up close. I should have spray painted the lids white, but I’m not losing any sleep over it. They look great where they are!

diy christmas decor

Along with the snow globes, made a little festive vase. The (p)inspiration came from these JOY bottles and I just modified it a little bit. If Santa were to bring me a Cricut machine for Christmas, you will probably be seeing these JOY bottles again next year. For this project, I used one of the many frappucino bottles I have tucked away and painted it with the frosted glass spray paint. I put three rubber bands around the bottom of the bottle to make three stripes. I filled the bottom of the bottle with fake snow and put in two stem of cranberries.

diy christmas decor

Thanks for keeping up with our Pinterest Christmas projects this season. For more projects and inspiration, check out the other blogs in the A Pinterest Christmas series [Emerald City Diaries | Greg & MaggiThe Gilbertson Family | The Pena Family | This Grey House | Without A Doubt]. Share your Pinterest Christmas projects with us! Comment on one of our blogs, link back to a post, or use #PinterestChristmas2014 on Instagram!

2014 OUC Half Marathon {Race Recap}

I completed my third half marathon and second OUC half marathon on Saturday, December 6th. This particular race was my first half marathon back in 2012 after Kenley’s first birthday. It only seemed fitting to run it again this year after Crosby’s first birthday. At the time I registered, I didn’t realize I was going to get bitten by the race bug. I snuck in the Inaugural Lake Nona 13.1 at the end of October and I have already registered for two more for 2015. Going into this race, I was feeling pretty confident since I had just ran 13.1 miles six week prior. I had continued running with Kayla and our goal was to beat our Lake Nona time which was 2:30:27.


It was a late start time of 7:30am, so I didn’t get up until 5am. Kayla picked me up and we headed downtown. During our drive, it was raining, so we were hoping that it would pass and that the roads would dry quickly. By the time we were in place at the start line, the rain had stopped and the sun had been up for a while. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but it was pretty warm. Two other gals from the MRTT running group decided to run with us on race day.

The race started and we made our way up to the start line. We kept with our plan to run intervals of 4 minutes, then walk for 1 minute. It’s always weird stopping so early in the race to walk especially when adrenaline is pumping and the streets are crowded with people. We made our way to the edge and got into our groove, alternating running and walking. The first few miles were very crowded so I was concentrating on not running into someone while also concentrating on not falling on the cobblestone roads. Our 5K time was 36:18, we were running around an 11:41/mile pace which was right on target. It was getting hot, so I was consistently drinking out of my Camelbak which had five packets of Cocogo in it (lemon lime). Around the 5 mile mark and about 45 minutes into our run, I had a GU (chocolate peanut butter). I’ve only recently started using these during longer runs and I do like them. I wasn’t very hungry at this point, but I knew that I probably needed it. It was only getting hotter as the morning went on.

We kept going and were making good time. Our 10K time was 1:12 and we were averaging 11:38/mile. I was feeling pretty good, but knew we still hadn’t made it to the halfway point yet. Each time we passed a mile marker, I felt like the miles were flying by. All of a sudden, we were at mile 7, then mile 8. Then, it started to get harder. Real hard. As we were passing Mills Market, the road conditions were less than ideal. My legs were feeling it from the cobblestone and it was downright hot and humid. I kept going on my Cocogo/water in my Camelbak. Our 15K time was 1:48, averaging 11:37/mile. We were definitely still on pace at this point. Kayla, Sandy, and I were still together, but Alyssa had dropped back a little bit. We passed a house that was handing out shots of beer. Part of me wanted one so bad but as we passed, the smell made my stomach churn. We decided to stop at the porta potty right around Lake Davis so Kayla could go potty real quick. I hopped up on the curb to stretch my legs and I couldn’t believe how tight my calves were. At this point, it was around 9:15am and the sun was just beating down on us. Did I mention how hot it was? As we started running again (up a hill, I may add), I could NOT believe we still have 3+ more miles to go. I had no idea what had happened, but I hit a wall. I knew I should have taken my second GU at this point, but I didn’t think I could stomach it.

We started walking a little more than our one minute interval called for and our pace slowed down. The three of us were discussing what we should do at this point. I wanted to keep running 4 minute intervals, but I knew I couldn’t keep our current pace, so I slowed down a little bit. As I kept running, I kept an eye on Kayla and Sandy who were a few feet back, but around the 11 mile mark, I looked back and I didn’t see them. My goal at this point was to just make it through 4 minute of running, then I could get a little break. Then the next four minutes, and so on. At some point, Greg had sent me a text saying they were on Rosalind Street and they would see me towards the end. I had NO concept of where we were at this point, so every street coming up I was so hopeful it was Rosalind. It wasn’t. The race atmosphere started to pick up a little bit around mile 12, so I was determined to finish strong as strong as I could. I started walking only 30 seconds instead of a full minute and I skipped a walk break entirely because I knew I would be seeing Greg and the kids soon.


Finally, I saw Lake Eola and knew I was close. As I approached Rosalind I ran over to Greg and the kids. Kenley looked so confused about what was going on. I gave him my Camelbak because it was near empty at this point and there was no need for it. He asked if I was ok and I almost started crying. I could see the finish line on the other side of the lake, but I really didn’t want to keep going. Obviously, I wasn’t going to stop, but it did cross my mind. I had two right turns left to make and I was off. I ran past a couple and the girl shouted that she had just gotten engaged (!!) so, of course, I almost started crying again. One more right turn and there it was….the finish line!

My official time was 2:33:57. I missed my goal by four minutes.
After running Lake Nona, the OUC race is a more challenging course. The cobblestone roads and the rolling hills were very tough on my body. I use the term “hills” loosely, but I felt them nonetheless. The later start time was also a factor, especially since it was abnormally hot and humid for the first weekend of December. It was draining, both physically and mentally. My feet, ankles, calves, quads, and shoulders hurt for a couple days following the race.

2014 ouc splits


At the end of the day, I ran my third half marathon and I am so proud of that accomplishment. This has been my toughest race to date and there were lessons learned.
Now, it’s time to get ready for Celebration, we WILL beat 2:30!

my weekend in photos


thursday night i headed down to west elm for my second meet + make! it was great to see heather there too!

greg worked late on friday, so i ended up watching miracle on 34th street by the light of the tree.
i also wrapped some presents and stayed up way too late.

our advent calendar activity for saturday was to make & decorate cookies.
by cookies, i mean that i made a batch and we only decorated one.
and kenley also enjoyed some hot chocolate (or chocolate milk as she called it)
which was our activity we missed on wednesday.
regardless, she was thrilled.

greg and i snuck out of the house for a date night on saturday night and attended a surprise birthday party!

his first attempt at a spoon today.

i went to the mrtt holiday party today and our tree gained a new ornament. i love it.

just look at those boys. the cutest.


we had a great weekend! how was yours?

Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!

o n e

The Elf on the Shelf. I know there are a lot of haters out there towards the poor little elf, but Sprinkles is part of our family now. Sprinkles isn’t into all those crazy antics that you see on Pinterest. Kenley is happy just finding him in a new spot each morning, and I will relish in that as long as I can. In defense of the elf tradition, I really enjoyed this article this week.

Sidenote: I’m also loving my JOY decor that I got on sale!

t w o

The weather this week has been amazing! It’s sometimes hard to get into the true holiday spirit when it’s 80+ degrees out, but this week it’s been in the 40s in the morning and 60s by the afternoon. I’ll take it since Christmas is less than two weeks away!

t h r e e

Related to number two… I’ve been loving my new puffy vest this week. I forced myself not to buy black or grey and went with the mint color vest and I’m so happy I did. It’s very cheerful, if I do say so myself.

f o u r

First, if you haven’t seen Taylor’s Blank Space video, then you must watch it. It’s pretty amazing and I watch it on the reg. After you watch that, my favorite moms are back with yet another amazing parody.

f i v e

I attended my second Meet + Make with Sarah Hearts last night at West Elm. Of course it’s always fun to get out of the house with the girls, but hanging out with a lot of other crafty ladies is even better! We made an adorable monogrammed platter, perfect for the holidays!



What are you loving this week?!

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