2014 in a nutshell


We had our annual dinner at Disney with my parents and family friends!
My first race of the year was the Color Run 5K. Ann and I ran together at a nice leisurely pace.
We celebrated Kristen & sweet baby Brady at her sprinkle shower.
So thankful we got to see several friends from out of town! Samios, Abrahamsens, and Katie!
We celebrated at two birthday parties, Lyla’s and Kyler’s!
Greg got to see Stone Sour in concert and also built a barn door. It so weird to see the before pictures because it seems like the door has been there forever!
I became an Orlando Moms Blog contributor!


As usual February was low key, we watched the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.
We celebrated Caelyn’s birthday at her party.
We also celebrated Valentine’s Day with our two little valentines.
The girls and I threw Michelle a baby sprinkle to celebrate baby Hudson!



More out of town guests visited! The Manganillos came and we got to meet baby Dillon!
My grandparents were also able to come down for a visit, which I am so thankful for.
Kenley and I headed to MyGym to celebrate Caleb’s birthday.
We caught a spring training baseball game and I took the kids to see Disney Live! at daddy’s work.
We met baby Hudson!
Of course, there was a lot of March Madness watching happening too.



We upgraded to the BOB Duallie and enjoyed our first run as a family of four. That may not seem like it’s newsworthy, but looking back, that was the first of many runs together this year and many more to come.
I shared our playroom which was have been enjoying immensely this year.
Crosby and I made a trip to Indiana to celebrate the life of my uncle. It was C’s first trip on a plane and he did awesome!
Greg and I hit up a Magic game before the season ended and enjoyed a date night together.
Crosby celebrated his half birthday and I finally shared our first pictures as a family of four.
Britton & Ashley were in town so we got to see them at Disney.
Lindsey and I enjoyed a girls’ night out for the Darius Rucker concert!


Gary & Lauren got married and we celebrated at Quantum Leap Winery, then celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends.
I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a mama of two!
I ran my second race, the Wounded Warriors 5K, which is when I first met Kayla (my eventual running buddy).
We were thrilled that Dana, James and Lucas came to visit! We also had a quick surprise visit from Katie, which was awesome.
Crosby Martin was baptized at Summit Church!



We kicked off summer with a trip to Grammy’s and hit the beach!
We had two birthday parties very close to each other. Carly & Margot both turned 2!
Greg celebrated his first Father’s Day with two kiddos.


My parents were in town for the 4th of July weekend.
Greg and I celebrated our sixth anniversary!
Sally and I ran an unofficial 10K together which marked my longest run since Crosby, and the start of my running addiction!
I took some pictures of the kids just three months before their birthdays.



The summer course I taught wrapped up. My second semester teaching is in the books, it was a busy six weeks.
Since I was working so much this summer, I made a lot of slow cooker meals.
We went to a different MyGym to celebrate Liam’s birthday.
This was our first trip to the Orlando Science Center and got a season pass.
The kids went “back to school” and each in a new classroom.
I ran my first 10K and my first virtual race, the MRTT Summer Safari 10K.


We headed up to Indiana for Labor Day weekend to celebrate Michael & Rachel’s brew bash.
Disney on Ice! was in town.
We celebrated Wyatt’s first birthday and met baby Molly.
Kenley started her Healthy Kids Running Series, five weeks of races!
I ran the Miracle Miles 15K downtown, which was my first 15K race.

brew bash m+r


We headed up to Chicago for a vacation in the city.
Michael & Rachel got married in Oak Park, Illinois!
Greg and I each celebrated our birthdays.
Kenley turned three years old and we had a rainbow birthday party.
I ran my second half marathon, the Inaugural Lake Nona 13.1.
Crosby turned one year old and his birthday party was under construction.
The kids were Mike & Sully from Monsters, Inc. for Halloween!




We celebrated Charlie’s birthday at his minion party, which Kenley loved.
We beat the crowds this year and saw Santa before Thanksgiving!
Greg and I had a date night at the Magic game against the Clippers.
Megan & her family were in town so we saw them at Disney.
Our Christmas tree went up earlier than usual this year too. We were ready!
We celebrated Thanksgiving at home with just the four of us.



My parents were in town at Disney, so we got to see them for the weekend.
I ran my third half marathon, the OUC Half Marathon downtown.
The girls and I shared our Pinterest Christmas projects (here, here, and here).
I went to my second Meet + Make with the girls and we did a triple date with our hubbys.
The Manganillos were back in town, so Crosby and Dillon got to play with each other again!
We headed down to Grammy’s house for Christmas.
My parents visited and we went to Legoland for the first time!


We had a fabulous year and are looking forward to 2015!


Here is a look back.
2011 // 2012 // 2013

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