Friday I’m in Love

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Misha and I started the Friday I’m in Love series. I hope you’re still enjoying reading it as much as we’re enjoying writing it. I’m so glad that Amanda, Mary Beth, and Laura have joined in on the fun. You should join too! Each Friday we share what we’re loving each week…the big stuff, the small stuff, it really can be anything!

o n e

Remember this picture that I posted on New Year’s Eve before our dinner party?


Well I used the hashtag #CheekyNewYearContest to enter the Cheeky Home contest and… I WON!! Greg and I will be enjoying $250 to the restaurant of our choice (Cooper’s Hawk Winery) for a few date nights this year. Not a bad way to ring in the new year, right?

t w o


Lilly Pulitzer for Target was announced this week and it launches on April 19th! I’m excited to see what fun colors and prints will be available.

t h r e e

I saw this article, To Build (or Break) a Child’s Spirit shared on Facebook last week and I really liked it. On one hand, it’s always nice to have a good reminder about communication with these little people we’re raising; and on the other hand, I’m constantly wondering how my parents ever raised us kids without all of these parenting articles constantly thrown in their faces on social media each day. Do this, don’t do that…. I think they did a good job regardless.

f o u r

We found out this week that SeaWorld Orlando annual passes are buy one, get one free AND the Preschool Pass is FREE for kiddos five and under. That’s a good deal, ya’ll! Check it out.

f i v e

I have finished the first season of Serial. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but if you haven’t started listening, what are you waiting for?! It is so so interesting. You can either download the podcast or go to the website to listen. While I am happy that I finished the first season, I’m also just a little bit sad that it’s over.


Your turn! What are you loving this week?