my weekend in photos

this may be my favorite spot on campus tucked away in the tech commons.
it even shows you how many bottles of water we’re saving by filling up here. win.

melissa was in town this weekend so we had some friends over on friday night. cards against humanity happened.

after a rough saturday morning (at 10:30am) kenley and i headed to target. she declared as soon as we walked in that she was going to get a card for daddy, and we did just that.

it was so good to see melissa! we headed downtown for dinner on saturday night and watched the late football game over a tower of beer. good food and good friends. it was a good night.

the last thing i wanted to do this morning was get up at 5:20 to go running in the 50 degree weather, but i did it and i am so glad that i did. our run was great and i felt like a different person afterwards. and the cooler weather turned out to be amazing.


today we celebrated baby kennedy at lindsey’s surprise shower!
more photos to come.


we had a crazy busy weekend with little pictures to show for it.
more next weekend, i promise!

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