Lindsey’s Surprise Sprinkle

Our good friend Lindsey is due next month with a baby girl! So naturally, Sally, Kristy, and I wanted to throw her a little sprinkle to celebrate baby Kennedy’s arrival. If you remember when Sally was pregnant with Margot, we started what is now a tradition of making sure the sprinkle shower is a surprise. They returned the favor for me before baby G2 was born at my surprise sprinkle. So of course, Lindsey was not getting away with knowing about her own sprinkle in advance.

We sent out the invitations before the holidays then got to work after the holidays on all the party details. The invitations were done by Kimberly J Design and they were so cute!

Sprinkle Shower

Sprinkle Shower

Sprinkle Shower

Sprinkle Shower

We wanted to do a sprinkle theme so our menu included: chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles, chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles, fruit salad and dip, Donut King donut holes, homemade funfetti sheet cake, and raspberry lemonade. Sally and I both found the fruit dip on DoughmesticHousewife‘s Instagram page. Great minds think alike! It is one block of very soft cream cheese and one small tub of marshmallow fluff. So easy and so delicious!

Sprinkle Shower

Sprinkle Shower

The adorable tassle garland is from The Flair Exchange and was in our swag bag from the last Meet + Make. We definitely put it to good use and it was the perfect party decor.

Sprinkle Shower

Sprinkle Shower

After we mingled, got hopped up on sugar, and played a cute little shower game, Lindsey opened her gifts.

Sprinkle Shower


We had such a great time celebrating baby Kennedy’s arrival. We just can’t wait to meet her!

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