my [long] weekend in photos


the kids rocked their colts gear for blue friday!

she said “mommy, i’m reading to my baby. she’s sleeping.”

saturday morning we made a quick trip to the doctor. little man just has a cold, which is good!

after nap time, we headed down to sea world for a few hours.

carousel riding!

it was a beautiful afternoon!

sunday morning, we ran our last long run before our next half marathon!
i also found this sweet app, it’s call fitsnap.

we were all hoping for a colts victory on sunday, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

walks around the block with this one take a little bit longer than they should.


greg and i had the day off today, so our first stop included the best bagels outside of new york city complete with iced coffee (and coffee ice cubes!).

it’s amazing what we got done today. i actually got caught up on laundry! we also saw american sniper which was really good.


we had a great long weekend. it was good mix of getting out of the house, yet laying low at the same time.
how was your weekend?

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