Friday I’m in Love

Friday already?! Don’t forget to pop over to see what these ladies are loving!
Misha // Mary Beth // Amanda // Laura

o n e

A couple weeks ago, Amanda mentioned how much she was loving the Honest Healing Balm. I couldn’t agree more, especially this week! Kenley took a spill on the playground this week and busted up her upper lip and nose. We’ve been putting the healing balm on it all week and what a difference it makes! We highly recommend this stuff.

t w o

Ralph Lauren is having a pretty good sale this week, including these long sleeve tees for $8! Shipping is free with promo code LOVE15 and don’t forget to go through ebates to get cash back too! I picked up two for Crosby for next fall.

t h r e e

Greg and I got caught up on Parenthood this week in preparation for the series finale that aired last night. We haven’t watched it yet, so no spoilers! I cannot believe the show is over. I may need to start back at the beginning again.


What are you loving this week?

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