my weekend in photos


the weekend started thursday night with haircuts for everyone. and crosby aged five years.


i ran the lady track shack 5k on saturday morning. it was cold. more details to come.

after my race, we took the kids to the school parking lot to let them drive their cars.

here is a glimpse of crosby’s senior pictures in 18 years.

it was hilarious watching them drive around.

after nap time, i took the kids down to the science center to meet ben & molly for a play date. it was super fun.

after church, we headed to bj’s. kenley asked for a picture. crosby clearly wasn’t thrilled about it.

we took advantage of a beautiful day and headed out for a bike ride!

our playground just got new sunshades and we are so happy about them!


due to a no nap day for kenley, both kids were asleep by 7pm and greg and i were parked on the couch for the superbowl. even though we weren’t attending a party, we still ate appetizers for dinner. and it was awesome.


how was your weekend?

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