my weekend in photos


friday morning i headed out with these lovely ladies for a run before work. it was my second time running before work this past week which i am very proud of. i am trying to make a habit out of it.

greg worked on friday night so i took the kids out to dinner and caught up on two episodes of grey’s anatomy. while i was watching, i finally made my tassel garland from our last meet + make. greg helped me hang it in the guest bedroom on saturday morning. {side note: all of our guests place a pin on the map where they are visiting from. i got the idea from the natos and i absolutely love it. it’s one of my favorite places in the house.}

also on saturday morning. this kid.

playing at the park.

we had some friends in town for a few hours on saturday. we were so thankful we got to meet up and catch up while they were in town.

kayla and i ran an “easy six miles” this morning and ended up pushing ourselves pretty hard. we were both very impressed at the end result.

it was a gorgeous, chilly morning. just what i needed to clear my head a little.

after nap time and target, we headed down to the park for some fresh air.


to be honest, we’ve had better weekends. kenley isn’t feeling well and is headed to the doctor tomorrow. crosby has a couple molars coming in and is rocking a busted lip. and greg got a black eye, thanks to crosby’s wooden truck.

also, we are asking for prayers for my cousin’s 15 month old little girl, charlotte. she will have a biopsy tomorrow on the mass on her liver and will receive the “official diagnosis”. chemo will likely begin this week. please keep charlotte and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they travel this tough road ahead.

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