Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday and Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, so let’s get to it.

o n e

I seriously love putting together the kids’ valentines. There are SO many great ideas out there now (thanks to Pinterest) that are great alternatives to sending candy to school (hello, we’re talking one year olds and three year olds here). This year I went with We’re the perfect match with Matchbox cars for Kenley’s class and I’m glad we’re in the same school with Goldfish snacks for Crosby’s class. I shared a little bit more about Kenley’s valentines over on Orlando Moms Blog last week if you want to check them out.

Candy-free toddler school valentines! "I'm glad we're in the same school" for Crosby and "We're the perfect match" for Kenley! Tap for sources. Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! ❤️

t w o

I have had this adorable Valentine’s Day banner hanging in our family room for a month now. It is probably one of the best $6 purchases I’ve made. It just makes me happy and is the perfect little Valentine’s Day decor.

t h r e e

The last thing I want to do is get into a vaccination debate, but I have mentioned freely on here that the kids have gotten their vaccination shots at their doctor appointments, so it’s no surprise that we are pro-vaccinations. With that being said, I was pleased to see Autism Speaks urge people to get vaccinations in a recent article this week.

f o u r

Another fabulous article I found this week was by Elizabeth Gilbert – The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself — And All The Women Around You. Good read for all you women (and mamas) out there.

f i v e

We have had a couple of sick kiddos this week so I FINALLY broke down and purchased a new thermometer. I chose the Braun Ear Thermometer and have been asking myself all week why I waited so long? There are definitely mixed reviews on these type of thermometers (accuracy, price, etc.), but for the convenience alone of having the temperature in a matter of seconds, it is well worth the price, in my (short lived) opinion.


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One thought on “Friday I’m in Love

  1. Thanks for sharing that article – it’s fantastic! I hope you continue to enjoy that thermometer as much as we do. Our doctor loves how comfortable it makes Madeleine during exams, too.

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