my weekend in photos


friday morning started with a quick 3 mile run before work (then a blurry picture followed).

greg worked on friday night so the kids and i took a walk around the block. two hands = two cars.

saturday morning, we headed down to sea world!

We had such a fun (and chilly) day seeing fish and sea lions and riding roller coasters! #kenleydee

it was cold. but we bundled up and made the best of it.
kenley rode shamu express for the first time and greg and i both rode kraken for the first time (separately).


family selfie. crosby can ride some of the kid rides, which is so fun.

after a couple of hours, we headed home, but we sure had a good time!

this boy. he sure is funny. the aftermath was 8 board books, a stuffed turtle, a car, and the top of the humidifier.

Just a little 10K this morning with the #eastorlandomrtt mamas for the Frozen Booty virtual race and we froze our booties off. Also exciting, we got into the Space Coast Half Marathon in November! #running #fitsnap #fitmom

this morning, our running group had our semi-annual virtual race. kayla and i ran the 10k. the theme was ‘frozen booty’ which seemed fitting.

we went out to dinner tonight with the jenkinsons. after about an hour, it was pure chaos. crosby spilled beer over greg and kenley. tension was high, patience was low. we opted to feed the kids and take the rest to go. greg and i enjoyed our sushi together after the kids were (pretty much) asleep while watching the hoosiers. i think we redeemed ourselves.


we had a good, chilly weekend. how was yours?

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