my weekend in photos


i started the weekend with an early morning run on friday before work.

saturday morning, i got up early for the best damn race 10k. it turned out to be an awesome race. i’ll share more later this week.

after naptime (for everyone), we headed to caleb’s birthday party sporting apparel of our favorite teams.

kenley had a great time and was absolutely exhausted by the end of the party.

crosby did a pretty good job keeping up with the big kids. he was also exhausted when it was all said and done.

and so was mommy! the kids had a great time and they party was so fun. everyone was in bed early saturday night.

fashion statement while blowing bubbles.


aside from the grocery store today, we didn’t do much. we tried to go to the park but it was packed and sticky, hot, and humid out, so it didn’t last long. we ended the weekend with tijuana flats for dinner and frozen yogurt for dessert.


how was your weekend?!

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