my weekend in photos


friday night selfie.

greg and i headed out for a date night. we are hoping to become wine drinkers this year, so it works out well that cooper’s hawk recently opened close to our house.

saturday marked kenley’s first class at mygym. she had a great time!

this little guy got a hair cut and is now five.

let me just start by saying daylight savings time is the worst. kayla and i got up way to early to try to get in 10 miles this morning. we settled with 8. my body is definitely feeling the 19 miles i put in this week. however, it turned out to be a gorgeous morning, so it felt good to get in a run.

after nap time (for everyone) we headed to daddy’s work for mickey’s magic show!

we had a great time at the show and goofy shook kenley’s hand! she also said her favorite part was cinderella. crosby did a good job at the show.


we had a good weekend! how was your weekend?

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